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Showing posts with label succulent. Show all posts

Monday, July 21, 2014

I create

I have been trying to do something for myself everyday …… even if it is sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. or reading a magazine. or making a phone call. or painting my nails. quick….yet, very satisfying. One thing that refuels me is…. painting. 

I still can't get over my art space at home that Andy helped create with/for me! I have been on a water-color kick for painting :)  …. Friday, I took a break from the craziness and painted…..

obsessed with this song……SINKING DEEP by Hillsong Young & Free. I needed it hung in my creative space. I made a 11x14 painting! 

 I also made this fun and playful print! It is 8.5x11 
I am excited to frame it! It is HAPPY! 

Awhile back, i shared these on instagram…. but, had to show you the terra-cotta pots I bought! I taped off triangles and used copper and gold leaf on them. After that, I sealed them with a glossy sealant to help protect them! I put cactus' and succulents in them! My fav!!!!!

I am loving them on my mantel! Happy plants for SUMMER!

Have you been creating anything lately!? Please share….. Summer inspires me like nobody's biz. 

Happy Monday!!! I am off to camp with the youth group……… I have a big post for ya ready for Lock Love Wednesday!