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Showing posts with label holiday. Show all posts

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Coffee lovers // gift guide

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1. My dream is to have a collection of cute mugs/ saucers. I love the vintage look of this one.
2. Chemex -- need I say more. pour over for lots. Pretty and functional.
3. Love Etsy art for coffee- I swear, I could have 1/2 of my kitchen dedicated to coffee! 
4. This sugar and creamer is so presh. Yellow & Blue too----- my favs
5. Pour over coffee is bliss. Andy and I have the walnut one. This is company is top notch. If you like pour over, and a rich/nutty/smooth taste- go for it.
6. We love french press! I think a tumbler would be great for the on-the-go mornings! 
7. How cute are these for an ornament?
8. More cute art---- keeping the focus -- coffee and Jesus! HOLLER
9. 4 bags for cold brew // cute and fun.
10. Spyhouse Coffee is a fav of ours. I love the cup/saucer for MINNESOTA represent, yo!
11. I love iced coffee and this vanilla bean syrup infused coffee looks divine. love the packaging.
12. The typography on this towel is fun for a kitchen or coffee cart. 

Now, go make a cup of java! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

starting this season off with a bang

decorating. hot cocoa in kid mugs. dancing in the living room. sledding on our hill (me watching from window). christmas music playing daily on pandora…. mariah carey christmas and disney christmas for kids…. making ornaments. baking cookies. advent….cuddling watching Elf and other classics. playing with little people nativity set. eating popcorn. fire on…….christmas jammies. hosting lots of gatherings. driving around our culdasak just to peak at my lights on at our house :) … target lines….. red cup (starbux)……. laughing… and so much more….

It has begun. 
and we are loving it. 
The chaos and the joy of having a family to celebrate with! 

Every year, we decorate the weekend before thanksgiving. I get just as excited to decorate as my daughters every year. I love pulling out our family decor and admiring the history of some of the pieces. As we were decorating, Zakiyah and i danced to holiday music. Love.

Zion is very focused when we decorate! As for her sister, she just collects and walks around, occasionally just throwing a bulb at the tree ;)

Thanksgiving morning --- We make a big breakfast (cass cakes and burnt bacon that ended up in the snow bank) and got ready to head to Red Wing to celebrate with my family. I promised the girls that I would style their hair and they were thrilled. Squealed---- actually! ;) It was Zakiyah's first time having me curl her hair!

Zion loves when I "wound brush" her hair. Zakiyah waiting for her turn……

I mean, how cute is this picture. this moment captured!

Zakiyah's famous kisses, showing me she loved it.

cass girls photo sesh.

My mom started making homemade gingerbread houses for the grandkids on Thanksgiving. What a great tradition to have! They love working on their houses!

What a great way to kick off the season!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift Guide for HER!

Christmas season is upon us! When did that happen? I thought I would share with you some fun treasures that I love right now! 

1. I love cake stands! Any kind. Any color. I love this one!
2. I love Smart Wool socks! Especially, living in MN, they are a must!!!
3. Oh my word, these rings!!!!! I love the stacking rings concept and this site has an amazing variety.
4. Lisa Leonard jewelry is my fav! I love the idea of a charm bracelet that represents the year. You get a charm delivered every month to add to your bracelet! Brilliant. They are on sale right now too!
5. The best candle ever!
6. A girl can dream. I love my Classic Kitchen Aid, but this one is amaze!!!!
7. I love HEXIS and these pillows are divine.
8. One can never have enough art! I love Etsy for great art at an affordable price.
9. This scarf is a statement piece if I ever saw one!!! WOW!

What is on your list? Check back later this month and I will have a few more wish lists put together!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday HAIR

Every woman loves a new trick for styling their hair…………I have been loving these looks for this holiday season! The Christmas season is great excuse to bring on some fresh new looks that take 5 minutes! Here are some favs that I have on my hair board on pinterest! Make sure you follow my boards for all the fun new looks.

Loving the simplicity of the hair swept up in a ribbon. Brilliant. 

This is a really technique for an updo. Check back next week on a tutorial by me to show you how to rock this out! I am in love with the red tones too!!!! 

Braids are still my GO-TO! I just love them!!!!! 

Do you have any fun looks for the season? Please share your ideas with me!!!! 

Happy LLW! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

mantel love

As many of you know, I love decorating my mantel. I switch it up all the time. I love how it changes the palette and feel of the living room. I tend to stick with the holiday theme. I don't have a picture of all my mantel themes but here are a few highlights from the 2012 year. enjoy....

 This is from Valentines day last year. I made the felt garland and kept my mirror garland from Crate&Barrel up from Christmas for Valentines. I actually kept a lot of my reds up from the Christmas season. Zion and I made the hand "heart" together and I put it in a West Elm frame. I got the "CELEBRATE" flag banner at a boutique in Red Wing. We hung the celebrate up for a week for Andy/Zion's birthday. (2/19) 

Here is a close up of Zion's hand art. 

For spring, I kept it easy. I just gathered random pieces from my house. 

Moroccan Candle holder/ Moroccan pottery piece/ blue birdies are from TJ Maxx. The red flower vase is from Anthro. The mirror and green grass are Target. I think the clock is from Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx.

 I love the 4th of July! It is so fun. I think the whole red,white and blue concept is so fun. My blue vases are from a antique store in Duluth. I grabbed wooden blocks from Zion's collection and wrote out, "happy 4th". Isn't it cute?

For fall I put up some gourds and such. I painted a canvas that I am still loving. Isn't it beautiful? I love Fall colors. They are my favorite!!!! They fit my personality. 

 Christmas is always a fun holiday to decorate. I had Andy drill a hole in our beloved rock for me to hang wreaths/art. It took some convincing, but it adds so much. 

Do you like to decorate a mantel or shelf? Do you have a favorite season to decorate for? 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Round 2

Christmas has come and gone. I am in the slump of missing the holidays. It brings me such joy planning and organizing traditions for our family of 4. I love how magical the holiday is. We started some new traditions this year....hoping to bring the magic and celebration to our home annually during this wonderful season. 

Some traditions: 
- Read Christmas stories daily from post Thanksgiving-Christmas. We read a Advent book every night at bedtime with Zion/Kiyah this year. We will bring it out every year. 

- Go Christmas light looking/ do a Scavenger Hunt for Christmas lights. We went with our friends this year and had Christmas lights in the van and everything. We made popcorn "pop-pop" and got yummy holiday drinks and Hot Chocolate for the toddlers. It was Zi's first and she loved it. She said, "Dis so yummy Mommy. Tank You." We cruised around for almost 3 hours looking for blue icicle lights, manger scenes, Rudolph, Mickey Mouse, Santa etc. It was a blast. 

- Make Jesus a birthday cake- this year we made Cake Pops on Christmas Eve.

(watching the movie with my girls....)

- Buy the girls Christmas jammies and a new Christmas movie to watch. This year we bought Santa Paws, it has been playing too much in the Cass Casa. 
- Make cheesy potato soup on Christmas eve 
- go to Christmas Eve service at our church.
- For gifts we did a new thing...The girls got 5 gifts from us: something they need, want, wear, read, and homemade. I thought it was a fun way to keep the gifts thoughtful/simple. 
- For the last gift, we put a string on the tree that Zion had to follow through the rooms of our house to her big present. We hid a bike in the bathtub:) She loved it. 
- Decorate the girls room for the holidays. 
- pick out gifts (toys the girls have) and give them to a friend. "It is better to give than receive".

- and of course, there were lots of crafting and baking around here. What are your traditions?

Zi/Ki on Thanksgiving...so presh.

 our little buddy.

making Reindeer art with Kiyah's feet.

Zion making a Christmas tree with her hands.

the finished product.

 I caved and let the girls meet Santa. We have the best Santa in our mall. I used to do his hair back in the day. Zion told him, "I want Dora and Kiyah wants Barney." well, right. :)

Christmas eve pix of our family. I loved the girls dresses....I got Zion's last year at Gap-Clearance. Kiyah's is from TJ Maxx to match sister pie.

headbands are Etsy.

Jammies.... the girls playing in our bed on Christmas eve. love.

got them monogrammed plates on Zulily. the best.

Zi holding her grandma dolly.

 Zion and I got new hair pretties.

Christmas day we headed over to Red Wing for some celebrating with my family. We had a great time with good food and relaxing. The grandkids couldn't wait to open their gifts. Aunt Chels got Kiyah a matching bag from LL Bean like her sisters. I love these.

Andy and I got my parents "pop phones" for their IPhones. They are retro and great.

On the 28th, we headed over to Stevens Point to hit up some Cass time. We had Lasanga and celebrated Uncle Mike's bday. It was fun. Zion, once again, loved the presents.

Katie and Zi.

Grandpa Jim

Unky Ryan and Grandma with the girls.

Zion was pumped to get dvd player for our car rides. Halleju-. I am happy.

We are blessed. Blessed to have our Savior. So thankful for having Jesus in our lives.
Blessed to have a healthy family and amazing parents/sibs on both sides.
Blessed to be able to celebrate freely Jesus' birthday.