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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It is no secret, that I love having my fireplace mantel to decorate and switch out decor throughout the year. I shared with you last year my favs from 2012, here. I thought I would put together my themes from 2013 with you today! 

For the Valentines season, I had lots of hearts! I painted a canvas for the season using some good scripture as a reminder of what LOVE is. 

I had made the heart garland the year before with felt and embroidery floss. 

Once daffodils hit Trader Joes, they are in my house non stop! I love that they are under $2 and make my home happy!  I made the scrap bunting too. ( pretty sure, I am obsessed with all garland/bunting)

I love bright colors! 

I scored these paper flowers at West Elm on clearance! I put some moss balls on my cake stand! 

Fourth of July- I had a RED//WHITE//BLUE theme! 

I loved the fall mantels that I did! Noelle (our nanny) made these buntings with Zion! 

Zion painted the kernels! SOOOOO CUTE! 

Christmas essentials:  Glitters/sparkles/lights! 

 Do you have a space that you like to decorate with the seasons?! What is your favorite items to put on your mantel or shelf? 

Happy Tuesday! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

mantel love

As many of you know, I love decorating my mantel. I switch it up all the time. I love how it changes the palette and feel of the living room. I tend to stick with the holiday theme. I don't have a picture of all my mantel themes but here are a few highlights from the 2012 year. enjoy....

 This is from Valentines day last year. I made the felt garland and kept my mirror garland from Crate&Barrel up from Christmas for Valentines. I actually kept a lot of my reds up from the Christmas season. Zion and I made the hand "heart" together and I put it in a West Elm frame. I got the "CELEBRATE" flag banner at a boutique in Red Wing. We hung the celebrate up for a week for Andy/Zion's birthday. (2/19) 

Here is a close up of Zion's hand art. 

For spring, I kept it easy. I just gathered random pieces from my house. 

Moroccan Candle holder/ Moroccan pottery piece/ blue birdies are from TJ Maxx. The red flower vase is from Anthro. The mirror and green grass are Target. I think the clock is from Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx.

 I love the 4th of July! It is so fun. I think the whole red,white and blue concept is so fun. My blue vases are from a antique store in Duluth. I grabbed wooden blocks from Zion's collection and wrote out, "happy 4th". Isn't it cute?

For fall I put up some gourds and such. I painted a canvas that I am still loving. Isn't it beautiful? I love Fall colors. They are my favorite!!!! They fit my personality. 

 Christmas is always a fun holiday to decorate. I had Andy drill a hole in our beloved rock for me to hang wreaths/art. It took some convincing, but it adds so much. 

Do you like to decorate a mantel or shelf? Do you have a favorite season to decorate for?