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Thursday, November 6, 2014

I need your input...

Today's post is random….. but, when am I not random? :) Ok, so I have some ideas brewing and want your creativity! 

Meet my cute paper maché chevron side table. black. classic. but I want to switch it up……. do I spray it white? gold/copper leaf every other zig zag? Do I black and white stripe it? Do I mod podge in fabric scraps every other? Help! 

real life…. trying to snap a pix of the this table and the little lady starts setting up shop on the table. Hilarious. typical 2nd born babe.

So I snapped a few pix of this beauty.
My little ham.

As Zion is being a busy bee and playingwith her magnet dolls. Note: Summer jams and Strawberry Shortcake bandaid for 1 cm of a scratch on forehead. Day 3 of bandaid. Still hurts…… ha.

Back to my randomness….. I can not stand my mudroom……. I really want hooks for all of our bags/jackets etc. that is all… carry on….

More Christy thoughts…….. meet our dining room. See pix here and here. I have sold our mirror console table and slid the table in front of the window to open up the space. Thoughts? Ideas? I want to more a light and drop it over the table. Why move the table? I want a piano in this room on the opposite wall and to have this room used more. I hate that it sits majority or our days with no action. Do you have any ideas for me? wall ideas? etc…….. please share……..

Am I crazy? maybe……….

Meet new cheap rug from TJ Maxx. Thanks to me dumping 1/2 of a quart of "walnut" stain and ruining my favortie scarf and rug……. It was crazy- me screaming and the hus and I scrambling to clean it up before it ruined our gorgeous floors….. I like it! Thoughts?

That is all..
Carry on with your glorious Thursday.
Please share a comment below and help this sister out. 
Thanks in advance.



  1. Sidetable: As of late I want everything to be metallized, so I say Gold! Every other stripe.

    1. Thanks Liah! I am going to incorporate some gold!!!

  2. I think spray paint gold... Or fabric modge, or both honestly! Also- I think it's a great idea to have more space in dining room but when I did that with our dining table I found that we used it less (pushed up to window). Can't wait to see a piano in there though.. Fun for girls to learn!! LMK what u decide! See you Tuesday!

    1. You are the best! Love your creativity!!!! I am hoping to experiment with the room placement---- over the next wk- i will have to show you tues! :)

  3. I vote gold on the side table. The table doesn't look bad at all, but maybe turn the window seat into more of an actual seat so that it gets used like it's meant to be there? And that rug is totally asking for paint. It's the scratchy kind right? Paintable!

    1. Great idea--- maybe I will push it out a bit from the window!

  4. I would get lights above your dining table (how about mason jars that have bulb hanging in a grouping?)

    Gold side table and sponge a black on it...love the piano idea...do you or Andy play? Maybe hand a few instruments on the wall?

    1. I love mason jar lights!!!!! I totally would buy that if we could have it in the budget… i am thinking of switching out the light with my kitchen drum shade and dropping it over the table! I grew up playing piano, but wanting to learn chords! Andy knows chords- he plays guitar ;) I would love to have it be a music room too ;) we have ukeleles downstairs on the wall! :)