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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shalom Gold Polka Dots! Welcome to my home!

Today, I entered the world of decals! Halleju! Oh my word. Best invention ever. Screw stencils and wallpaper. Check out my space before here! In one hour I transformed my dining room to this!

Say hello to Gold polka dots! Amen and Amen. No ruler. No laser. I winged it…Christy style. I scored these bad boys for under $20- I mean, are you kidding me? I love it!! They are 3" circles. My favorite websites are urban walls and four walls! I got these at Brickyard Buffalo for a killer deal from four walls.

Now that my dining room looks like a million bucks- the rest of my main floor is CHAOS from my little monsters! Zion did try and help her mama. :)

Originally, I was going to sharpie marker this space with a gold pen design. But, I love this! 

What do you think? I am in love. It is kinda like tattoos. Now, I want to decal every room. JK Hus. 

Have you decaled a room?! I love having these in the Dining Room……..Who says polka dots only belong in a kids space?! 


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Kati! It is the best! GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!!!!

  2. This is beautiful and I have been wanting to do something similar in my daughter's bathroom! Thanks! Susan

    1. Thanks Susan! I love how it just makes a space personal/fun/unexpected. You will have to keep me posted on your daughter's room :)