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Showing posts with label coffee. Show all posts

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Coffee lovers // gift guide

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1. My dream is to have a collection of cute mugs/ saucers. I love the vintage look of this one.
2. Chemex -- need I say more. pour over for lots. Pretty and functional.
3. Love Etsy art for coffee- I swear, I could have 1/2 of my kitchen dedicated to coffee! 
4. This sugar and creamer is so presh. Yellow & Blue too----- my favs
5. Pour over coffee is bliss. Andy and I have the walnut one. This is company is top notch. If you like pour over, and a rich/nutty/smooth taste- go for it.
6. We love french press! I think a tumbler would be great for the on-the-go mornings! 
7. How cute are these for an ornament?
8. More cute art---- keeping the focus -- coffee and Jesus! HOLLER
9. 4 bags for cold brew // cute and fun.
10. Spyhouse Coffee is a fav of ours. I love the cup/saucer for MINNESOTA represent, yo!
11. I love iced coffee and this vanilla bean syrup infused coffee looks divine. love the packaging.
12. The typography on this towel is fun for a kitchen or coffee cart. 

Now, go make a cup of java! 

Friday, March 15, 2013


Every Friday, I link up with Lauren and show you my top 5 for the week! 

Loving our Breville espresso machine. It has been sitting in our storage room for over a year, missing a part and wasn't working properly. So my awesome neighbor/friend, Mike and my husband worked on it to get running again! (Thanks Mike!)  While my hus bid on the part this past week on EBay and we got it! I love good coffee/espresso drinks. Working from home now, I try not to go out and get coffee as often. I have made some yummy Cafe Miel lattes this week! :)

Snow is the name of the game in Rochester right now! We are expected to get more snow this weekend. It is beautiful though. This is our backyard view. 

I seriously can't get over how beautiful daffodils are! $2 at Trader Joes and I am a happy lady. My husband got me these! So gorg.

 We have started Easter crafting here! I have been browsing Pinterest for ideas! 

We are personalizing our lighting in our kitchen! This is our new drum shade over the kitchen table! Obsessed with this bad boy. I heart West Elm and gift cards that allowed me to get this! IN LOVE! Totally Cass fam. I will show more pix next week of the kitchen updates! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Working on your home front? We have a Gate (youth group) overnighter tonight! Pray for sanity. ha. Loves.