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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting myself some curb appeal!

Curb appeal is a funny thing! It makes such a difference, and I tend to be obsessed with going on walks or drives and looking at homes for inspiration. Curb appeal tends to be put to the back burner for home owners often times with so much to do on the inside. This is our 4th summer living in our home and I have been begging the Hus to landscape and make our yard "us"! This summer, we started the process. Our buddies were here from Florida back in June, and Cordie took on the project with me! We used rocks from my friends house, that is being built across the street and mulch from our neighbors wood chipper! I used plants from friends and hit up the local green houses! 

This is what our house looks like now! It is a working progress, but I feel much better about it! Having people over ALL THE TIME with ministry/friends/clients for the studio, it means a lot to me to have our house feel WELCOMING! 

This is the house when we were looking at it back in 2010.

This is last summer after I painted the door for the second time.

and now……

I am excited to see the perennials grow and bloom every year. 

My kids are always apart of the pictures :)

I couldn't have done this without our friends! THANKFUL! I planted lots of ground cover, lavender, baby's breath and fun variety of pine. 

Still on the the curb appeal list of dreams: 
window boxes (white)
corbels of some sort in the peaks
hardware on the garage doors

my lavender. favorite scent ever.

Wouldn't a window box and shutters just be perfect?! 

 We almost took out these 3 rose bushes in the Spring. We thought for sure they were dead. I am so happy they survived! Amen for rose food! 

What color shutters do you think I should do? Colonial yellow? Rust? a blue? or dark grey? 

Happy Thursday friends!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We have a BLUE DOOR!

I am so excited to share with you our newly painted (for the second time) DOOR! I love it!!!!!! Saturday morning, I woke up motivated! Over breakfast, Andy and I were discussing the plans for the day and we landed on lots of outside projects. I hauled the girls to Sherwin-Williams with me and we picked out paint on the spot. That is how I roll.....

When we bought our house it had a midnight blue/navy door. I liked it but it wasn't bright enough for me. Imagine that....so I used leftover paint from studio....and went to this.....

When we were building the studio downstairs, I knew I wanted a bright door- lime green is what I went with. I still love it on the studio door. I had leftover paint, and decided to paint the front door too. I just have not been 100% about it. Why? Too bright. Too hard to have accent colors with it. I wanted to add more tones to our front. I love a good house with some curb appeal. 

Above is the studio door. I think it works great for that space! Just not the front....

So after quickly browsing my Pinterest boards, I decided blue would be it. I picked "Blue Cruise" by SW. I love it. I painted the exterior and interior of the door this time. 

I potted our flowers too! LOVING THEM!!!!!! 

I begged Andy and his dad to hang the hanging basket up for me! I think it adds a lot. I brought out my yellow wreath for summer too.

I like how the blue brings out the gray! I am hoping to coax the hus to help me with window shutters this summer too. We are going to go with a colonial yellow for them. I also want white window boxes on the main floor windows. I can't wait. I am super happy with how it turned out!

Do you have any summer projects going? I am on a roll! Check back tomorrow for my Kitchen REVEAL! I painted it.........yellow!!!!!! It is gorg! 

We have been living on our deck that my Hus built last summer.....I love having it. We treat it like a bonus room.....BLISS....I love having a space to be outside with my family.....

I am so happy that we decided to go with composite wood. No maintenance = happy fam. I planted some cilantro and basil in the container on the coffee table. YUM! 

I still pinch myself that we have this view.

Our playground is being used daily by our girls, the neighbors, and my clients kiddos. I love having it. Praise for green trees and grass.  Have a super day!