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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting myself some curb appeal!

Curb appeal is a funny thing! It makes such a difference, and I tend to be obsessed with going on walks or drives and looking at homes for inspiration. Curb appeal tends to be put to the back burner for home owners often times with so much to do on the inside. This is our 4th summer living in our home and I have been begging the Hus to landscape and make our yard "us"! This summer, we started the process. Our buddies were here from Florida back in June, and Cordie took on the project with me! We used rocks from my friends house, that is being built across the street and mulch from our neighbors wood chipper! I used plants from friends and hit up the local green houses! 

This is what our house looks like now! It is a working progress, but I feel much better about it! Having people over ALL THE TIME with ministry/friends/clients for the studio, it means a lot to me to have our house feel WELCOMING! 

This is the house when we were looking at it back in 2010.

This is last summer after I painted the door for the second time.

and now……

I am excited to see the perennials grow and bloom every year. 

My kids are always apart of the pictures :)

I couldn't have done this without our friends! THANKFUL! I planted lots of ground cover, lavender, baby's breath and fun variety of pine. 

Still on the the curb appeal list of dreams: 
window boxes (white)
corbels of some sort in the peaks
hardware on the garage doors

my lavender. favorite scent ever.

Wouldn't a window box and shutters just be perfect?! 

 We almost took out these 3 rose bushes in the Spring. We thought for sure they were dead. I am so happy they survived! Amen for rose food! 

What color shutters do you think I should do? Colonial yellow? Rust? a blue? or dark grey? 

Happy Thursday friends!