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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen Update- Shine your LIGHT!

Winner Winner. Chicken Dinner. We have new lights! I am love!!!! Thank you West Elm for always providing me with glorious beauty! Seriously, I love love love our lights. Our old ones are for sale if you are interested in purchasing them.....email me! I have been wanting to get something more fresh, modern and light. With our kitchen being more classic and mission style, I wanted to add some elements to play off it. Below- is a before picture to remind y'all. 

After- with my new buddies!

We have two pendants hanging over our island and one over our kitchen sink!

In love with Edison light bulbs. I got them on Amazon.

Aren't they beautiful?

Over our kitchen table, we hung a big drum shade! It is so pretty at night when it glows. I love how it has southwestern flare mixed with ikat. Praise.

at night time...they glow so beautifully.....

Do have a favorite trend or style right now with lights? There are so many looks right now that I am loving!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the making of a dining room

It's funny how moving into a new home takes awhile to get acquainted. It is a lot like meeting people and building a friendship. Andy and I moved into our home on Dunlap a year and a half ago and I am slowing making it ours. I have learned to not rush things when it comes to paint colors, decorations etc. I have been in the "I want to get to you know you phase" with our home.
Especially with the basement finish/Tala Hair Studio open last fall, taking up a lot of time and mula. But I have been really excited for our dining room as of late. When we moved into our house, the previous owners used it as a study/bonus room. (picture below)
Zion was 9 months old when we moved into the house and we originally went with the same concept. Except we added toys to the mix :) But after further thought, I really want a dining room. At our old house, we had one and I have missed the formality of it. I love how cozy a dining room can be. Also, we love to host, so it gives us way more space for dining and that way the cook doesn't have to see the mess in the kitchen post prep! So Pinterest is my friend like everyone and I have been pinning and dreaming for our "dining room". 
Around the holidays we received a gift of a "broken chandelier" that needed some Cass love. So we switched out the old chandelier that is in the above photo (which is now for sale...hint hint) for something that was more us! I have been eyeing this amazing coconut chandelier from West Elm for awhile and we got the blessing of getting a damaged one that basically needed a light kit. 
So when Andy's fam was here for Christmas, Andy's dad and him put it in for me! They hit up Lowes and bought a cheap light and used the "kit" essentially to make ours up and running. 
This is a shot of Andy's dad the day they were taking down the old light. You can also get a peek at the hot mess my room was before. No theme. No concept. and Plastic table :) Classy Christmas in the Cass Casa. Next up, was PAINT! PTL for paint. I knew I wanted this room to be the darkest in the house for some mood lighting! I love a cozy, romantic and relaxing environment while eating. So we went with the same color we have on our TV wall in the basement. It is Sherwin Williams, Urban Bronze in Satin. It is part of their HGTV line for color. It instantly changed the dynamics of the room. I love it. 
Next up, was some colorful art to liven up the space. My BFF, Jody sells amaze fabric, which I have mentioned before. Well, last summer she ordered the new Amy Butler line called "Lark" and I fell in love.

 It was during my salon build and decor planning. I fell hard for anything with "ikat" and "chevron" right off the bat. But, even 9 - 12 months ago it was hard to get your fingers on items with those patterns. So when Jodes ordered this line she knew I would be obsessed. She was right! So Jody and I decided to do some wall art with the fabric. I bought 14 canvases that were 12x12 in size from Michaels. 

So we went ahead and stretched the fabric on the canvases. We used a staple gun and it worked like a charm! It is such fun art for a small budget while making a big statement! So finally, a couple weeks ago, my amazing hus hung them for me! I love it. 
So here you can see the amazing Urbane Bronze paint, as well as the Chandelier! Doesn't it make a diff? I love it!!!! We hung the canvases on the wall with a few inches in between to balance it out! I had fun deciding where to put each pattern. 

Here is a close up of the detail of the fabric. Seriously, LOVE! 

So we obviously hung the canvases 4 across/4 down with 2 "filler" square frames from Target to balance it out and to switch it up a bit! Do you likey? I do:)

Just another shot to it. When we put these up I decided to switch up my entryway too. I used everything that I already owned. I just went in a few rooms to retrieve some goodies. 

The ottoman and big plant is from Target. I got the table at Goodwill, but it was originally from Target too. The lamp is from Pottery Barn which happens to match the paint perf. I love moving things around, makes you feel like you are shopping! 
So that is the progress on the D.R. We have a long ways to go.......the current D.R. table is our outdoor patio table. ha ha. Oh the magic of a table cloth. Andy is going to be building us a harvest table to seat 12 soon! I can't wait. We have some really fun ideas for that....updates to come. We are also going to build a banquet at the front windows with storage and built in shelving on both sides. I want all of that to be white, so it will really pop out against the dark grey. We also have to hang things on the two opposing walls...but it all comes with time. hope you enjoyed....ta ta