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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney Recap- Round 2!

I wanted to share with you the remainder of my pix from our trip to Disney. I posted the first 3 days here!  We sure had a blast! I can not believe the trip is over. It has been hard coming home to this cold/winter weather. It is May for goodness sakes. I am so thankful that our family had the chance to experience Disney/Florida together! 

After having a day to relax at the resort, we were ready to hit up a park again! We chose to go to Epcot for our 4th day in Florida! We loved it. 

Epcot is amazing. I loved the topiaries everywhere, the gardens, the architecture, the layout of the park. I was so amazed at the contrast with the way every park was from each other. The picture above, is my favorite thing she does. Her big girl hugs are the BEST.

Zion and Daddy.

We loved the garden/greenhouse for Tinkerbell. Butterflies everywhere. and the beautiful topiaries. So gorgeous and whimsical.

hand blown poppies. 

 love this shot above. so great. They are matching without even planning. note:  my hus got his shorts here from Amazon. ha.

Zion was giving tude and didn't want to meet Donald. So I did. I love how Andy got her in it...watching mama. Hilar.

We gave Zakiyah way more table food than ever before on this trip. This girl loves mashed potatoes and bread. Oh man. Just like her dad. 

We had dinner at an italian restaurant- Via Napoli. The tables around us loved the girls. I let a lady hold Kiyah while we ate. Everyone was so friendly! I had roasted egg plant and Andy had a 4 cheese pizza.

Daddy time. I love! This is when we got back to our resort! We would put on jammies and watch a Disney movie by the pool with pop-pop (popcorn) and relax. We watched Peter Pan this night. 

Epcot highlights:
"The Land"
Double espresso in Italy
Eclair bar in France
Tinkerbell garden
The Moroccan tile details. 
Live music on streets
Bubble tea
boat ride on lake

The full day we had at Disney we hit up Hollywood Studios. We attempted family pix before heading out. Not so much.....

The girls wore these dresses for Easter-- I just love them!

I loved this truck. We took this for my dad! 

Hollywood Studios surprised me. I really liked it. It had great shows and rides for the girls. I loved the art deco and old Hollywood glam! It was so beautiful.

Zion's fav from the day was playing in the "Honey, I shrunk the Kids" play area. It was amazing! She loved the slides and riding the ant.

instagraming. What up!

We ate lunch at a yummy quick service dinner. I had the best turkey/bacon panini. Andy had a greek salad! We ate at Primetime Diner for dindin. It was ok. I liked the atmosphere a lot though. very retro and fab!

Highlights on Hollywood Studios:
Toy Story ride
Aerosmith roller coaster--I went solo! It was amazing! Such a rush. Lame going alone though.
Iced caramel lattes!
Muppets 3-D show! 
Little Mermaid show!!
Disney Junior Show----Zion loved!!!!!
Honey I shrunk the Kids playground
It was a great day over all! Lots to do!

When we were walking out--530 ish...They decided to crash. So cute. 

We woke up the next day and relaxed before taking off at 10am. We hung outside and enjoyed the sun!

Kiyah always conks at the worst times. I can not get her to sleep when I want her too......Poor baby. She was so tired.

Zion coloring princesses before leaving.

waiting for our Magical Express coach bus to take us to the airport.

What a trip. 
Thankful for the time spent together.
Thankful for the sunshine. 
splashing the water.
the exercise. 
the magic of Disney.

It confirmed that family vacations are a must.
It confirmed that I am soooo blessed.
It confirmed that flying with kiddos is rough.
It confirmed that even grown ups like Disney.
It confirmed that we love flip-flops/swimsuits/ and sunscreen.

Bring on summer.


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I am posting this a little late in the day, do to a migraine. I have been laying around resting all day. Sorry for the delay.
I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

Here are some of my styles in Disney this week. I washed my hair this day and and let it air dry. I put in one of Zion's headbands from Etsy in it. I had been getting burnt on my forehead so it was nice to cover it up a little bit. 

I pretty much wore my hair down everyday! I love how it is getting longer now.  It is getting more versatile. I used my Awapuhi sea salt spray and hairspray. I curled it with my Hot Tools 1" flat iron. 

yellow shirt- j.crew
striped skirt- h&m
leggings- lulu lemon
purse- the limited
earrings/necklace- stella&dot
sandals- mephisto
sunglasses- dkny

I miss the beach. I miss the sun. I miss the heat. 
Join me in Lock Lock Wednesday! follow me on Instagram and #locklovewed or #locklovewednesday
Link up below!

Happy Wednesday!