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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter + Cass style

I love Easter. 
I want spring.
I love matching little Z girls outfits.
I want spring.
I love Starburst jellybeans.
I want spring.
I love watching lil kids look for eggs (indoors)
I want spring. 
I love our church on Easter Sunday. 
I want spring.
I love celebrating all holidays with kids-its magical!
I want spring. 

(Can you tell I am ready for flip flops. tulips. iced lattes. windows open. trees budding. pastels. fresh cut grass. smell of grilled din din. sidewalk chalk. campfires. i am ready). 

We had a few kiddos over for some easter egg hunt festivities! It was a blast.

That teddy is mine from when I was a little girl. I toted that thing everywhere for 5 years! Now,  Zion loves it. Makes my heart happy!

I love-love-love these books. I have given them as gifts. I love the classics....and I love the illustrations in them. I snatched them up at a local shop for 1/2 off. Perfect for easter baskets. 

We finally dyed eggs on Easter Sunday- It was simple and fun for Zion. Man, those blues kill me.

Did you do anything fun for Easter? Do you have any fun plans for spring?! 

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