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Friday, June 21, 2013


Hello! It is time for my Friday recap! We have had an eventful week filled with pool time and being outside! My fav! Every week, I link up with Lauren and Jeanette for my week in review! 

Last weekend, we gave my sister, Chelsea a bridal shower in my parents back yard! It was a blast! It was brunch themed! 

I got some matching dresses for my girls at Old Navy for the summer. I love them!

Farmers market flowers on my mom's swedish table cloth. perfection.

I never get sick of morning cuddles. jammies. brekky. i love my girls!!!!! Zakiyah is offically 10 months old and Zion is almost 3.5! Where does the time go?

I had fun making this art! Check out the tutorial here!

I made a Summer Bucket List in our kitchen on our chalkboard walls! I love having it up as a reminder to seise the day! 

Father's Day was a blast! We celebrated my hus by going to Chipotle with friends from church. After lunch we took our girls to the pool! Our favorite summer spot for our family! The girls are in their glory in the water. 

Thankful for this man.
Thankful he shows them what a Godly man looks like.
Thankful he leads by example.
Thankful he has more patience than most.
Thankful that he gave our daughters his blue eyes.
Thankful he is my partner in this life.

Pool day with friends. The best!!!!!!! 5 hours flew by.


Last night, we got to go on a date! It was lovely. We went to a local restaurant, ZZest for an amazing dinner. They have the best patio for outside dining. I had roasted cauliflower, swiss chard, raisins, and cheese. I got a rhubard dry soda too! Yum. After din, we went to the movie, Man of Steel. It was a great night to celebrate us. Thankful for our friends that watched our kiddos. 

Did you do anything fun this week? Any fun plans for the weekend? Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a fun nail art piece for awhile now! I thought it would be fun to have a monogrammed "c" in our house for Cass. So last weekend, I made two of them. One for us and one for my sister's bridal shower. I made hers with a "j" for her new last name. it was a really quick project. I took less than 30 minutes! I think it turned out super cute!

Materials needed:

wood (I picked mine up at Michaels) It was a couple of bucks. I got a round and rectangle one. 
spray paint (i chose gold! I sprayed it two days before I needed to use it; so it would dry completely.
embroidery floss (at least 3 colors) You could use twine/hemp/thread too!

 I started with drying the letter lightly with a pencil. I then hammered in the nails.

Once nailed, I started weaving the thread through the nails. You can do any pattern you desire. I did it really random. I knotted the begininng and end of the thread.

Repeat with the other two threads.

With my sister's, I used teal/purple/pink thread. With mine, I used yellow/green/turquiose. I love how it looks! My sister loved hers! 

 I hung mine up downstairs in our family room. I like the contrast against the grey wall. I am working a little gallery wall by the C! Stay tuned for pix on that! 

Tag me on instagram if you make this too! I would love to see it. Happy crafting! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I started Lock Lock Wednesday to get myself motivated to style my hair everyday. It is so easy, for even hair stylists to get in a rut with their hair. I am hoping to inspire you along the way with simple and fun techniques to help you look fabulous! Join me along the way. It will be fun! All you have to do is take snapshots of your hair during the week and link up with me below! 

I am still wearing my hair down a lot lately. I love having it hit my shoulders. I used a curl wand here and curled away from my face. I used baby powder/dry shampoo to prep my hair. I finished with awapuhi hair spray. P.S. I love Kiyah's face when I kiss her... so presh.

I styled my sister Chelsea's hair this wknd with some braids. I put her hair in a ponytail and braided it. Then I twisted it into a bun and bobby pinned it. I then sectioned hair back while braiding it. it took 10 minutes at the most. I love it. It is perfect for humid days!

I like crazy hair. I have been rocking 3 pony buns a lot. I am loving my new lululemon headband to go with it. So fun!

Some Tala life for you...... This is Felicia! She was wanting her hair more one length. So we cut her hair up to her shortest layers and flat iron to smooth it out. I love it. So fresh and fun for summer.

Lauren wanted a really subtle ombre. I foiled in two tones of caramel. One high lift and one beige tone. I love it. We shortened up her layers and cleaned up her brows. I think it looks gorgeous. It was her first time having it colored in over 10 years. I love how it turning out.

Join up with me below and show off your LLW hair! Follow me on INSTA too. #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday

Are you having a favorite styling product or technique? Please share!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Backyard Bridal Shower + Fam time

This past weekend we hit up Red Wing to stay at my parents to celebrate my sister, Chelsea's Bridal Shower. It was the perfect day. The sun was shining. The flowers were blooming. The cinnamon rolls were baked. The coffee was made. The family and friends gathered......and we celebrated! 

We had a relaxing night on Friday with my parents. The girls got baths and we celebrated Fathers day. Zakiyah is loving her avocados still. She is obsessed with chicken as well. 

Auntie Chelsea and Zakiyah

Zion chewing her nails....the ush.

My nephew Ryder!

Cara gave the kids a bath. We thought it was going to be pleasant and cute. Not so much. Kiyah was not a fan.

On Saturday morning,  Chelsea and I headed down to Caribou and the farmers market to get flowers for the shower. My mom and I set up the deck with lots to tables and seating. It was beautiful. We just needed some flowers for centerpieces. 

Driving downtown Red Wing made us excited for the Labor Day weekend wedding. It is going to be fun to shoot pix down there. Can't wait.

I love the sidewalks. So fun.

I got my girls some matching dresses at Old Navy. I love the red/white/blue theme!

We tried getting a good pix, but Zion was not having it. 3 YEARS OLD. 'nuff said.

Some of the decorations.......loved the atmosphere.

Bride To Be.

I spy a crazy lady.

I caught in on some sister love.

Chelsea with her soon to be MIL

Leslie brought some really yummy local soda! I loved it.

My sister making me a coffee!

Grandma Cherie's cinnamon rolls
Egg bake
Homemade yogurt/granola/fresh fruit

It was all scrumptious!

blurry. but still cute. at least the broom is focused. ha.

 It was a lovely time overall. We will continue to celebrate this bride! Have a great day.