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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Backyard Bridal Shower + Fam time

This past weekend we hit up Red Wing to stay at my parents to celebrate my sister, Chelsea's Bridal Shower. It was the perfect day. The sun was shining. The flowers were blooming. The cinnamon rolls were baked. The coffee was made. The family and friends gathered......and we celebrated! 

We had a relaxing night on Friday with my parents. The girls got baths and we celebrated Fathers day. Zakiyah is loving her avocados still. She is obsessed with chicken as well. 

Auntie Chelsea and Zakiyah

Zion chewing her nails....the ush.

My nephew Ryder!

Cara gave the kids a bath. We thought it was going to be pleasant and cute. Not so much. Kiyah was not a fan.

On Saturday morning,  Chelsea and I headed down to Caribou and the farmers market to get flowers for the shower. My mom and I set up the deck with lots to tables and seating. It was beautiful. We just needed some flowers for centerpieces. 

Driving downtown Red Wing made us excited for the Labor Day weekend wedding. It is going to be fun to shoot pix down there. Can't wait.

I love the sidewalks. So fun.

I got my girls some matching dresses at Old Navy. I love the red/white/blue theme!

We tried getting a good pix, but Zion was not having it. 3 YEARS OLD. 'nuff said.

Some of the decorations.......loved the atmosphere.

Bride To Be.

I spy a crazy lady.

I caught in on some sister love.

Chelsea with her soon to be MIL

Leslie brought some really yummy local soda! I loved it.

My sister making me a coffee!

Grandma Cherie's cinnamon rolls
Egg bake
Homemade yogurt/granola/fresh fruit

It was all scrumptious!

blurry. but still cute. at least the broom is focused. ha.

 It was a lovely time overall. We will continue to celebrate this bride! Have a great day.

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