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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a fun nail art piece for awhile now! I thought it would be fun to have a monogrammed "c" in our house for Cass. So last weekend, I made two of them. One for us and one for my sister's bridal shower. I made hers with a "j" for her new last name. it was a really quick project. I took less than 30 minutes! I think it turned out super cute!

Materials needed:

wood (I picked mine up at Michaels) It was a couple of bucks. I got a round and rectangle one. 
spray paint (i chose gold! I sprayed it two days before I needed to use it; so it would dry completely.
embroidery floss (at least 3 colors) You could use twine/hemp/thread too!

 I started with drying the letter lightly with a pencil. I then hammered in the nails.

Once nailed, I started weaving the thread through the nails. You can do any pattern you desire. I did it really random. I knotted the begininng and end of the thread.

Repeat with the other two threads.

With my sister's, I used teal/purple/pink thread. With mine, I used yellow/green/turquiose. I love how it looks! My sister loved hers! 

 I hung mine up downstairs in our family room. I like the contrast against the grey wall. I am working a little gallery wall by the C! Stay tuned for pix on that! 

Tag me on instagram if you make this too! I would love to see it. Happy crafting! 

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