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Showing posts with label living room. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some details on my living room space with the new Barnwood Wall

I thought it would be fun to show you more details shots of our living room today! We are loving the new barnwood wall and freshly painted gray walls! Here are some different shots……

Paint color // Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray
rug // West Elm (discontinued)
Couches // Ashley Furniture
Curtains // West Elm (discontinued)
Barnwood // from my in laws land ;)
Green chair // TJ Maxx "Serta"
Teal Chair at desk and Wing-back // TJ Maxx
desk // ikea
Shelf above desk // TJ Maxx
Barn window // random barn in Rochester
Black chevron side table / white coffee table // West Elm
Shabby Chic side table // consignment shop in Rochester "Antiquity"
Gold metal and Walnut side table // Target
Frames // Hobby Lobby / Target
Pillows // West Elm / Target / Etsy / TJ Maxx
lantern // hanging above desk / Pier One Imports
Book shelves on both sides of fireplace // Target
paintings // me
floor lamp // Pottery Barn
yellow lamp // West Elm
Grey lamp shade // Target with a TJ Maxx base
mantel candles // Target
mantel succulent // Trader Joes
mantel leaf // Target (i sprayed it white and gold leafed it)
mantel bird cage // Anthro
mantel silver lantern // TJ Maxx
hangers for pix // Target
instagram prints // Origrami.com
Globe pendant light with edison light bulb // West Elm

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to my LODGE! HOLLER

Houston, we have a barnwood wall!!!!!!!!!! My word, I AM OBSESSED and overjoyed…. all for this wall of glory. It is a GEM! It is beautiful. It changed our space. It is made with love. It is US. I love it!!!!!!!!!! 

Ever since we moved into this space we have been going over different ideas for our living room. This room is the room we are in the most. reading/ playing/ resting/ entertaining/ writing/ conversating/ laughing/ eating…… We decided we wanted to do the barnwood wall and paint the walls for now….

 The living room when we moved in.

The space last fall….

and now!!!!!  (I spy a 4 year old on the couch) I still have to finish up the painting and hang the curtains. I will post more next week the details of how we did this project. Isn't it dreamy? I wanted it to feel like a retreat or a lodge. We intentionally do not have a tv on our main floor. The only TV we have is in our basement, wanting to shut off the noise on a daily basis. We did upgrade and get speakers in our living room this summer, which has been a big upgrade for our love for music on 24/7. Andy did a great job on the wall. I love the character of the wood.

We used the same wood from my in law's land. The wood was a old shed. We used it for our barn door in the studio and our farm table too! (more on the table here)

Andy snapped some details shots of the wall for me, here they are.

 We pressure washed the wood, pickled the wood, and sealed it with a poly sealant. I love the Z pattern on the bottom half and the vertical panels by the windows!

We like the texture it brings to the space. Andy kept it in it's original character, which I adore.

I will share pix soon of the curtains and the other angles in the space. I re-did the gallery wall, of course! I painted the living room a light grey! The color is Sherwin Williams- Requisite Gray It used to be beige, this color is much more us! My buddy, Kristin helped me a ton with her Type A-ness and edged for me! PTL. I still have to paint up the stairs and upstairs hallway. soon…soon….hopefully….;)

What do you think? Have you used barn wood at all in your home?

Also, a shout out and thank you to my in laws for the wood! and big thanks to Andy's buddies for helping him with wall and lending him the saw (Mike) :) You rock!

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Cozy Reading Nook

I have lots of great posts coming your way! Sorry for my lack of posts on here! I needed a break-a-roo. But, I have some fun reveals for you this week! I have been working on a reading nook for our living room! We have had a few things in this area, but I wasn't feeling it! I have been on a mission to get this space cozy and resourceful. I am loving the progress we have made!

Here is the updated pix! I am loving the warmth of this space. Don't you want to crawl up and read a book? I still want to add one chair here! I am wanting a chair with a fun pattern on it! The pillow is from ETSY. The blanket is from Macy's (wedding gift). 

Here is a pix of it the corner a couple weeks ago.

The girls kitchen has been moved again. We tend to put it in every room of our home! We started with Andy hanging the shelf that I scored at TJ Maxx for a deal! 

I got the table at a fabulous antique store in Rochester- Antiquity!!!! You must got there! They have great deals!  I owned the lamp already from West Elm. The mirrored frame is Target from a few years back.

 I heart the detailing on the chair. I got the chair from TJ Maxx!!!! 

The striped vases are 10 years old from a boutique in Minneapolis called Patina! I spray painted the feather white and gold leafed the tip! The mirrored frame is Target! I spray painted the mirror aqua too. It was black. 

The lantern is Pier One Imports from a few years ago. I just painted the watercolor art this weekend of our fam! 

What do you think? Are you working on any spaces right now? Do you have a favorite place to read or surf the web in your home? Tag me on insta @talahairlife, I would love to see your space!!!!! Happy Monday!