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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wall Display + Organizing Games

I thought it would be fun to show you some progress on my family room, in our basement. I will share with you more updates in the next couple weeks on our basement. We have been making baby steps to finishing it off. I still need carpet and painting the glorious trim……. But look at this wall. I love gallery walls! Check out here for more gallery displays in my home! 

It is coming together little by little. I love spending time in our basement with our friends and family. It is our only room with a TV, so we get lots of movie nights down here. I have been gathering frames from TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, West Elm and Target. Majority of the photography is from our friends, Fagan Studios and my Sister and bro in law, KT ELEMENTS

 check out the "C" nail art tutuorial here
couch- HOM furniture
pillows- target, pottery barn, etsy
blanket- handmade from my Mother in law :)
quilt (on left) target
Lamp- Flea market find and made into a lamp by my HUS
Wall color- Sherwin Williams- Mindful Gray

I have been claiming the month of January for my ORGANIZE my life month!! I am driving my familly nuts with all of the purging and organizing…….but it needs to be done. I have been trying to go through every square inch of our home and evaluting if we need it/ use it, or not. 

One area, that was a hot mess was the corner space in our family room. I wish I had a before picture for you! Oh my word, it was embarrassing. I scored this shelving unit for FREE from Old Navy! The shelves are used for art in my home/studio Here. I love the industrial look of it! It goes well with our space! I started by clearing off the shelves and putting our huge supply of games in baskets! Seriously, this is all games!!! We use them though! I hope to have built ins some day to hide them, but for now this works great! 

I owned all of the baskets already. They are Target except the big on in the middle is TJ Maxx. I hope to stain the big one with a gray wash this spring! 

 Are you working on any organizing in your home? Do have any fun tips or resources to use? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Stylize a Tray

It is no secret, that I am a lover of trays in my home. They are everywhere. I love how they take a clutter area, to an organized and stylized zone! I use them for everything. 
you name it. 
I find a place for my trays.

Today, I am sharing with you some of my trays! 

The kitchen table. I love this tray from Crate n Barrel. It has chevron on it. I got it as a gift from a client/friend back in the spring. I have my butter, salt-n-pepper (pier 1), vase (west elm), and aloe pot (anthro) on it. It is a great center piece as well as a fun display on my table.

Kitchen sink. Soap/bottle brush etc. The tile tray is from a trip we took to Breckenridge, CO. I love it.

Kitchen counter--- great for my oils and Salt and Pepper. I am simply using a wood cutting board.

The half bathroom on the main floor. I have some dried lavendar, room spray, candle and hand lotion. The tray is West Elm.

My desk/office area. Tray is West Elm, faux grass-Pier 1, candle and washi tape-Target, mug- Starbux, and Z paper weight- Anthro.

Tray- Pier 1. This is in my entryway. Homemade candles- recipe here!

Z girls bathroom. Tray is TJ Maxx. I love how it de-clutters bathroom counters.

Bowls are a great way to display jewels, crafts and smaller items. I picked up these bowls at Anthro. I use them for bobby pins, jewelry, hair pretties etc. I have these 3 on my dresser in my bedroom.

Egg tray for more jewelry. This is on my nightstand for my go-to earrings. It is from Anthro ;)

Master Bath- for my bath essentials. The tray is from the dollar store. The cute bath salt jar is West Elm.

more anthro bowls for headbands/bobby pins.

Hair/face essentials in my bathroom.

Studio bathroom tray- room spray, perfume, lotion and a candle.

Do you use trays in your home? Do you have a favorite use for them? I hope this inspires you to go organize a place! Post a pix on insta and use #talahairlife so I can see it!!! 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Organizin the Kitchen

I have been on a huge kick as of late. ORGANIZING. Maybe it is the cold weather that is coming, or just my first born type A side. It just makes me so happy to have a organized space. I have a big goal of going through each room in our house and organizing/purging/ and making it work for our family. So this week I started with our kitchen desk drawers. They were a hot mess to say the least. Between being busy and stuffing the drawers with whatev to having my 2 year old open them daily and pull stuff out. They have been neglected.

Here is a shot of my desk before I started. I have a camera, jar of pens, clipboards I made 2 years ago, magnetic board and a file that is a mess.

 My embarrassing drawers....so ridiclous.

I have the organizing systems somewhere tucked underneath all the mess.
I started with completely emptying out the drawers and starting over.

more before shots.

finally empty drawers.

Here is my AFTER! I love it! I went to Staples and bought the Martha Stewart organizing systems. I heart them. I love the vintage blue color. I still really want to paint my kitchen a pale yellow/pear color. We will see. So the organizer on the right is still in progress. the white file system is for our yearly papers/reciepts we need to keep. It is from The Container Store. My calendar is target. I kept 1 clipboard up for pix/papers.

a close up.

my goal is to put weekly papers/bills/mail in the bottom drawer so it is kept away until I get to it. I still want to add a stapler and some other items to this. But I must say it makes me happy walking by it everyday. It is the little things......that make this girl happy.

my center drawer with a new home for the clip boards. and I got the 3 vintage blue boxes from Staples too. I have one for business cards, one for gift cards and the third for Zion's stickers/tattoos.

 Here are the drawers now all organized. I got my organizers at Target a couple years ago. They work great. I just re-organized them. It was time.....

I still want to get cord organizers. Next.....

When I was at Staples, I also purchased the amazing chalkboard stickers for jars/containers. These jars are on my kitchen counter....

Now with the pretty Martha labels. Bliss.

 So if that wasn't enough I hit up my baking cupboard and pantry. Here are the before's....

This cabinet is to the right of the microwave. I cleared it out and got my labels out from Martha. I rearranged and tried to make more use of the space.

Here is after!  I love it. I used some organizing tools: labels and a tiered 3 step shelf on the bottom for the cans and spices. 

the top is baking supplies: flour/sugar/flax seed/oatmeal etc. 

the middle shelf is more random supplies: pudding/jello, chocolate, corn starch, vinegar etc. 

The bottom shelf has the tiered shelf with canned goods/sprinkles/cupcake liners/seasoning. I also have salt/measuring cups etc. 

 Here are some pix of organizing the pantry. I love using my tupperwear and containers. I used my Martha labels on a lot of them as well.

 Here are 2 shots of my laundry room. I just recently put a piggy bank in there. It is so nice to have it there for all the change that comes in.....ha. Why not,right?

next up...my desk area .....enjoy.