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Showing posts with label gallery wall. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wall Display + Organizing Games

I thought it would be fun to show you some progress on my family room, in our basement. I will share with you more updates in the next couple weeks on our basement. We have been making baby steps to finishing it off. I still need carpet and painting the glorious trim……. But look at this wall. I love gallery walls! Check out here for more gallery displays in my home! 

It is coming together little by little. I love spending time in our basement with our friends and family. It is our only room with a TV, so we get lots of movie nights down here. I have been gathering frames from TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, West Elm and Target. Majority of the photography is from our friends, Fagan Studios and my Sister and bro in law, KT ELEMENTS

 check out the "C" nail art tutuorial here
couch- HOM furniture
pillows- target, pottery barn, etsy
blanket- handmade from my Mother in law :)
quilt (on left) target
Lamp- Flea market find and made into a lamp by my HUS
Wall color- Sherwin Williams- Mindful Gray

I have been claiming the month of January for my ORGANIZE my life month!! I am driving my familly nuts with all of the purging and organizing…….but it needs to be done. I have been trying to go through every square inch of our home and evaluting if we need it/ use it, or not. 

One area, that was a hot mess was the corner space in our family room. I wish I had a before picture for you! Oh my word, it was embarrassing. I scored this shelving unit for FREE from Old Navy! The shelves are used for art in my home/studio Here. I love the industrial look of it! It goes well with our space! I started by clearing off the shelves and putting our huge supply of games in baskets! Seriously, this is all games!!! We use them though! I hope to have built ins some day to hide them, but for now this works great! 

I owned all of the baskets already. They are Target except the big on in the middle is TJ Maxx. I hope to stain the big one with a gray wash this spring! 

 Are you working on any organizing in your home? Do have any fun tips or resources to use? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I heart Gallery Walls

I think that I am up to 7 or 8 gallery walls in my house! I love them! I thought I would show you our stairway walls today! These stairs are right off our living room. I have a collection of black frames, some with mats, some without. I love adding to this series as our family grows and more memories are made. I love how gallery walls are personal, show our history, and speak Cass Life. 

view to our living room.

as the days and year go... I continue to build on these walls!

looking up.

The bottom left is me, 9 months pregnant with Zion. 

above:  Zion at 5 days old (we used this pix for her birth announcement). top right is Zakiyah at 2 days old with her sister and cousin, Ryder. The bottom right is Zion on my first Mothers Day 2010

The art work on the top left is my Christmas gift 2012 from Zion. The top middle is Zakiyah at one week old (birth announcement). All of the photos here at taken from Fagan's. 

Some fun pix up close. That cute red head on the bottom is my all time fav of my sister, Cara. Pepsi shirt, pulling barbie hair. Perfection. circa 1988? The baby with the bonnet is Zion at 5 months. She is so cute!

The top left is our family pix at Zion's one year shoot with Fagans. 

Wedding pix. 2005- with our families.

The middle pix is Andy and I in 2006! The maternity pix is me pregnant with Zakiyah/ July 2012. All of the professional pix are Fagans. 

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I think it is the best way to display a collection. Whether it is art, photos, kid art or words! Do you have a favorite way to display your items?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Gallery Wall

Today I thought it would be fun to show the details on my newly updated wall in my living room! It has been a working progress. Ever since I put our computer in our living room, I have been wanting to personalize this space. With it being our "office area", I wanted it to be fun, inspiring, creative without being too busy or distracting. I love color and fun punches of personal favs. So here is our new gallery wall! 

The top left oval painting is Zakiyah. My friend, Kelly made it for her! I love it! I am so happy with how this space turned out. 

 Here is a good picture of the wall! As I mentioned here, my clock is from Target!

My desk is from IKEA. I would like a bigger one someday. It is not urgent, just a little small for our stuff. The amazing blue chair is TJ MAXX!

I got these Umbra polaroid pictures from my friend Shel a few years back. I love how you can just slip in pixs in the frames. They measure 3.5" by 3.5". The top two are me when I was little. The middle left is Andy and I when we started dating. It was taken at the north shore (MN) in 2002! The middle right is Andy as a little boy.....hilarious. The bottom is Andy snakeboarding back in his glory days. ;)

 This is sketch I did on a plane ride 5+ years ago, when we were coming home from Mexico. We had taken the youth to a orphanage to work for a week or so. I love it. It is my life now! I am so blessed. I love how it says, "dancing in the kitchen with my Nova". Which is Andy's nickname, and now our daughter, Zakiyah's middle name. 

I also love using clip boards to hang art. Easy to change up. Fun and casual. 

This is Andy with his dad and bro. Love. I think our girls look a lot like him!

Here is Zakiyah at one week old. So precious. Photo taken by Michelle Fagan

My sister, Chelsea just gave this picture to Zakiyah for her baby dedication! I love how the commandments are perfect for little ones. The colors and background are so happy too! 

I got this sketch on Etsy a couple of years ago for Andy' birthday. I thought it would be fun to give him random art over the years. We don't own a mini van, however, we have discussed how we approve of the Volkswagen Van. It definitely tops the Coolness factor for car-life. So, I gave this to Andy, stating this is the only van we will ever own. 

I just finished this hoop art this past weekend. I found the quote on Pinterest! It says, "Everything you say to your child is absorbed, catalogued and remembered." Amen. Good reminder for me to keep it together! I used embroidery floss, fabric, and felt. I stretched duct cloth on the hoop.  It was super easy, cheap, and inspirational for me as a mother! 

I gave this art to Andy this past Valentines day/birthday. I got the PDF of the "I love everything about you" on here. I water colored it then mod podged it on some duct cloth. I painted the duct cloth first then mod podged on the paper. I painted on the flowers/ arrows/ hearts after the mod podge dried. I used some sharpie marker to define the flowers and arrows. I used this walnut circle frame from my Grandma Cherie. I think it turned out great. 

My cousin, Brit sent us this fabulous Cass Street picture. She goes to college at University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse and stumbled upon this sign in her town! She surprised me with real mail and printed this for me! I love it and I love her! She rocks!

This is a pix of my girls! Kiyah was a couple weeks old here and Zi was 2.5 yo. Precious ladies.

Our friends gave us this "love will save the day" sign for a gift when they got married. It is perfect! 

Zion Leilani at 1 yo. Photo taken by Fagan's. Her eyes sparkle in this picture. Stunning.

My BIL and SIL took this picture at a local apple orchard. I love how happy Z is here. She was 1.5 yo. 

I am working on making my desk more happy. I brought down this tray from our bathroom. It is West Elm, candle is Aveda, faux greens are Pier One, and Cass Fresh glass is a beer in Korea. We have some glasses from our friends. The owl paper is Target. 

Do you have any gallery walls you are working on? I seriously have 8 in our house! Never too many! Have a great day!