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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I heart Gallery Walls

I think that I am up to 7 or 8 gallery walls in my house! I love them! I thought I would show you our stairway walls today! These stairs are right off our living room. I have a collection of black frames, some with mats, some without. I love adding to this series as our family grows and more memories are made. I love how gallery walls are personal, show our history, and speak Cass Life. 

view to our living room.

as the days and year go... I continue to build on these walls!

looking up.

The bottom left is me, 9 months pregnant with Zion. 

above:  Zion at 5 days old (we used this pix for her birth announcement). top right is Zakiyah at 2 days old with her sister and cousin, Ryder. The bottom right is Zion on my first Mothers Day 2010

The art work on the top left is my Christmas gift 2012 from Zion. The top middle is Zakiyah at one week old (birth announcement). All of the photos here at taken from Fagan's. 

Some fun pix up close. That cute red head on the bottom is my all time fav of my sister, Cara. Pepsi shirt, pulling barbie hair. Perfection. circa 1988? The baby with the bonnet is Zion at 5 months. She is so cute!

The top left is our family pix at Zion's one year shoot with Fagans. 

Wedding pix. 2005- with our families.

The middle pix is Andy and I in 2006! The maternity pix is me pregnant with Zakiyah/ July 2012. All of the professional pix are Fagans. 

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I think it is the best way to display a collection. Whether it is art, photos, kid art or words! Do you have a favorite way to display your items?

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