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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

backpacks and apple treats

We are loving this time of year……. a favorite of mine. 

a fresh start.
new lists. 
new beginnings.
new backpacks and shoes for the kids.
windows open at night.
mums planted. 
pumpkin bars being made weekly.

but, i am still fighting off the whole boot/scarf look. 
shorts for me. check.
iced coffee. check.
and a faint tan lingering on my skin :)

here are some fav. pix from our past week…….

i love watching daddy and his girls bond. love how they snuggle up to him in the mornings…… perfect. this pix was taken last week, when we had our first day in quite a bit where we did NOTHING! made waffles and soaked in the morning with darrell evans/ kari jobe/ rend collective playing throughout our home. jammies kept on all morning (all day for kiyah) zi and i went and got mani/pedis together and we made pizza and watched the muppet movie as a family after baths. it was perfect. simple. needed. and cozy.

This 4 1/2 year old started preschool this wk! She was so excited to start this new adventure. She is going to a local christian preschool 2 miles away and loving it! She goes 2 mornings a week! We went shopping a while ago and I let her pick out a new shirt for school! I scored her GAP backpack for $9 on Labor Day and got her shoes at Old Navy in the Spring on major clearance, saving them for school! She is a beauty! I can not wait to continue to watch her grow and shine in her school! 

She told me while driving home from school, "mom, I meeted two people. i don't remember dare names. they leave before you pick me up." baby steps, y'all. 

eating faces. crazy times. the amount of time at this table is redonk. watching my putzy ladies take in their meals-----30+ min per meal. NBD.

After a couple of colder days (for September) we hit up our favorite apple orchard for some family time. We met up with our buddies there and I delivered iced coffees for the parental units! HOLLER! This place makes homemade donuts too! PERFECT COMBO! 

Apple picking.
animal looking (bunnies/goats/chickens)
hay ride

 meet Zakiyah, Zion, Zayda, Xavier, and Zander……. ;) 

Love doing life with such great friends! We are blessed. Love our community in Rochester………. THANKFUL! 

Zakiyah not feeling the wildlife.

jumpin bail! 

Always safe in her daddy's arms.

apple picking! 

I brought home 3 mums for our front yard! MY FAV

All summer long, Zion has been begging to have a lemonade stand. Well hun, we live in a culdasak. That is a prob. So we finally organized to have on this past Sunday before our youth kids came over for small group! Hit up the youth of the nation to buy a lemonade and cookie! Zion planned this for 4 days….. putting notes in the neighbors mailboxes, making signs, chalking up our driveway, and dreaming of the shop that could be in our driveway! So, fisher price cash registers came out, homemade warm chocolate chip cookies, trader joes lemonade (that is homemade as that was going to get) crayola marker filled construction paper signs, and we were ready for success. Zion/Collin/Caroline all sold their goodies raising $68 for missions (child sponsorship) It was a blast watching them scream, "we have a customer!" ADORABLE. 

I mean look at these little buddies.

Do you spy a cookie thief? 

second born slammin my coke. stinker.

talkin shop.

This was a week of the little things. 
Snuggles // Imagination // organizing closets // baking yummies in the kitchen // going on bike rides // playing outside // ending summer 2014 with a bang.

blessed. this little family of mine. blessed.

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