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Monday, March 11, 2013

GLITTER mouse pad and garland Tutorial!

Glitter is everywhere right now! I am a big fan of it! I have been looking for a new mouse pad for about a month now and didn't find one that I loved. Then I saw some homemade ones on my pinterest board here and here. I liked the idea of using materials I already owned! So my love for mod podge was the winner again! 

Materials needed: 
Mod Podge (I used Glossy for more shine!)
glitter (mine was $1.99 at Michaels)
a brush
Cork board (I used a round cork board that I had for absorbing water for my plants.) You can cut a piece to your liking. square. rectangle. circle. oval. I liked using my planter cork board because it was thick! 

First step: put a even layer of Mod Podge down on the cork. 

 Sprinkle a heavy layer of glitter everywhere on top. 

I let it dry for over 2 hours. Then I put 2 top coats of Mod Podge on it to seal it! Allow full amount of time to dry in between layers. It is ready to use as soon as it isn't tacky! EASY!!!!

I liked doing 2 layers of Mod Podge, so it would be more smooth!

Finished Glitter Mouse Pad! I think it looks Fab. Glitter. Red. Sparkles. PERFECTION.

Next, I made some glitter garland! I love all of the banner garland that is everywhere. I am pretty sure I have 4-5 of these in my house! Addicting.

Materials needed:
Glitter Scrap paper (I used cardstock from Hobby Lobby)
double sided tape
cardboard/or something to make the stencil

my paper!

I took some cardboard and made a stencil. I just free handed it. I traced out all of my garland pieces before cutting.

 After cutting the shapes out, I folded them in half.

I found some old rose ribbon to use! I think it is fun and vintage like!

I used double sided tape on the card stock to hold it in place. 

When making the garland, I chose to make 5 of them. I like using odd numbers. 

Finished product. I wanted to hang it on a mirror on our mantle. 

So cute!!!! Love it!