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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cass Life

Minnesota is weird. Seriously. A week ago we were bundled up watching 14" + of snow fall. Now, we are putting on sunscreen and wearing shorts. So crazy. I am taking it though. Enjoying the heat. the rain verses snow. The sunscreen instead of wool socks. The windows open verses the fire on. The iced tea verses hot cocoa. PRAISE.

 We are known for Cass dance parties in our living room. Our daughters love kids music and having a dance party. It is sooooo fun! Here are some of the kids with their daddies.  Note:  The packer cheerleader.

I have been really overwhelmed as of late.
Mothering in general.
It is so overwhelming to strive for a healthy-life. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.
Sometimes I feel like if I am doing really well in one area, I am failing in another.
I have been making the conscience effort to choose to play with my girls.
Build the lego tower.
make the Mr. Potato head family.
Write and color with Zion.
Hold Kiyah til she conks out.
Sit and enjoy our meals, which take an hour for Zion to accomplish. :)
have dance parties in our living room.

To Let GO.....

Yes, keeping the home is important. But, it is also important to be there for my daughters. Engaged. Captivated. and PRESENT.

 My baby is teething. This girl gets no break. Currently, we have hives on the neck. A cough that doesn't stop. fevers. runny nose. I just pray for her to be able to rock out those teeth and get better quickly. It is funny when kids are sick, how it affects the whole family. the routines. the schedules. I am  letting go.

Zion's heart is overflowing. She knows when to hug this mama. When to say I love you. When to look in my eyes and say, "you are the best." I love her heart. I love her zest for life. I love her sensitivity. I love how she sings to Kiyah. I can't get over how kids are so intuitive with their surroundings. I love hearing Zion pray for Kiyah's cold.

I am loving how Kiyah now puts her head on my shoulder when I am holding her. She knows I need it. I love how she holds my fingers or rests her hand on mine all the time when I am holding her. I love how she looks up at me when I am feeding her. I love how she claps and waves. She is now putting her hand over her mouth to blow kisses. She is so special.

Yesterday, instead of cleaning. organizing and doing my Christy thing..... we played. We retreated to the backyard for swings and slide. It was refreshing.....until the 3 yo got stuck in mud. The sister had a melt down. crying. I had to carry her up our hill and attempt to clean her "fip-fops". I couldn't get the water faucet on.......been shut off for 9 months. I then retrieved to using a beach bucket and old t shirt to wash zion's feet and throw on the rain boots. Good grief. I love those moments. sigh.

Kiyah loves the swing. It is her happy place.

Zion loves pushing her.

A picture of the mud. during the melt down. It was in the GLORY.

After some sun.....the girls did nap. At the same time! I went back to my cleaning. organizing......but was so thankful that I stopped and soaked up my daughters.

Prepping for garage sale stuff today.
Have a great day.
Stop. Breathe in the day.



  1. Your daughters are so blessed, they are going to grow up knowing that they are loved and treasured and I think that it one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give a child.

    1. Thanks Eunice! You are sooo sweet. :)