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Friday, May 17, 2013


Every week, I like to link up with Jeanette and Lauren for my week in review! We have had a great week here at the Cass home. 

Last weekend, we had a two day garage sale with our neighbors/friends! The kids sold some cookies and lemonade! They drank majority of it but had a blast! They meant business! The garage sale wasn't about making money. It was about purging. Going through things. Letting go. Having fun with the kids and making mems.

The weather was crazy. Hail. Rain. Snow for a second. Sunscreen. Wind. But we prevailed!

I didn't get a chance to do a Lock Love Wed post.......So in honor of it here is a shot of my hair! I put my hair up on Mothers day. We had a lovely day. Zion and Zakiyah spoiled their mama. Purple flowers. a heart felt card and homemade gifts. Lunch. Coffee. and let this mama get a pedi! I am blessed. 

Every year, I have the opportunity to go up to our summer camp spot for a 24 hour retreat for pastor wives/women in ministry. (my hus is a Youth Pastor) So 3 of us headed up with our babies. We missed the rest of our staff but had a good time. The theme was "The Power of ONE" they had everything numbers. quotes. decorations. chocolate. Everything was plastered with the great theme. I love this retreat. It was so lovely. We had breakfast delivered to us even (above pix). 

Kiyah kept me busy at the retreat. She is out of control with those eyebrows. I love it.

Retreat highlights. We had 3 teas/coffee time completely decorated. I felt like I was on a 24 hour cruise. 

I came home to spend some qt with my girls yesterday. Lots of sun. 

I got this lovely chevron Crate N Barrel tray from two of my clients/friends. They surprised me with a picnic themed gift as a simple thank you. I got emotional. It was so sweet. Yellow is my favorite color to decorate with. I love chevron/ it is everywhere in my studio. Thanks Steph and Katie for being so thoughtful. I put the tray on my kitchen table. I love it. I am also learning that I can have pretty things in my home and they are still pretty next to chaos. piles. toys. children playing. So this picture above looks presh, but what you don't see is there are markers and coloring pages all around it. It makes it more pretty. More special. More me. 

I am embracing. 
embracing chaos. 
embracing my girls + hus.
embracing the sunshine.

Have a great friday.


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