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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Product Review- Texture Spray!

I have been using the Awapuhi Wild Ginger line for 2 years now. I am still in LOVE! It is the best product line! I have been so happy with the results, the aroma, the styling that it gives to all hair types!
If you want to learn more about my fav products, check them out here.

Today, I thought I would share with you about the Texturizing Sea Spray by Awapuhi! It is amazing! I use it in hair when it is wet or dry.

Why use this product?

+ I love it to get texture with my natural waves.
+ I love using it in hair on the days I don't wash to revive my hair.
+ It has a great aroma.....GINGER. Your hair will smell like the ocean and ginger. Perfect combo.
+ It doesn't have as much hold as a gel or hairspray, while still delivering great texture and grit for your locks.

How to use this product?

+ I spray it in my hair after I shower and follow up with Moroccan oil or Hydrating whip. I then blow dry it 50% dry.
+ I also use it in the hair once it is damp or dry to add some more hold. I treat it like a hairspray.
+ I spray it in my hair a lot in the summer on the days I don't wash to revive/refresh my hair.
+ I use it after I curl my hair and mist my locks to rough up my curls/waves. I then scrunch my hands through my hair!

It retails at Tala for $20! BEST 20 BUCKS SPENT. Promise.....

Happy Tuesday!

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