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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a homemade home

I love how creating our home "ours" is always revolving.
My biggest advice for you on your space-- If you love it then buy it! Create it. Make it.
My home is eclectic and I love that it represents my family.
I love color.
I love homemade items.
Here are a few favs:

Our nanny, Noelle had the idea to make the corn for November with Zion. Zion painted the kernels. Presh.

Clipboards that change out art in the kitchen. The bottom one, is my annual card that Andy makes me for our Anniv.

Zion is is a phase of hanging her art everywhere with washi tape.


Zakiyah being too cute!

Who says you can't write on walls?

Andy's growth chart that he built!

My dad makes fabulous wood carvings.

Kid art!


Our ART LINE in the dining room at kid level. I love watching my girls show off their masterpieces to friends and family.

family rules.

instagram prints on a barn window!

more clipboards that I switch out with art.

My talented friend, Kelly made this of Kiyah. She is resting in the bundle of God's love!

Etsy art- inside joke with Andy and I. (the only van we will ever own)

I love hoop art.

Our gratitute art for this month!

Zion made this at 16 months!

Baby Beluga art in Zion's room!

More kid art.

Art in Kiyah's room. I stretched a t shirt on wood for art. simple! 

Do you have any favs in your home? Any ideas for me?

That is only a few items! But, this is what makes this our home. Our space. Our refuge. Our comfort.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. where's the homemade art from auntie goose and uncle bird?!

    1. The pix i took was blurry nast- i love my Bird/Goose art. I have so many pieces that I love…. xoxoxoxo

  2. okay, i forgive you then! ;) Ha-ha!!

    1. I will do a auntie/uncle post dedicated to you! xoxoxoxoox