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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween- Cass Life

Halloween came and went. It was a blast as always. 
Dress up
The girls were a Doctor and bumble bee. Zion decided yesterday (10/31) that she didn't want to be a doctor anymore. Luckily, I said why don't you be Dr. McStuffins!? It worked. PTL. Zakiyah wore Zion's handmedown. Adorbale.

Shall we go down mem lane?

2009- preg with Zion. Meet Burrito belly.

2010- Zion the Lion


Left-Zion at 20 months- and Right is Zakiyah at 14 months. WOW! They look alike!

Zi and Caroline in 2011

 Remember the pinterest fail last year. Barf. Literally- Check it out here……

Hairstylist and pumpkin in 2012

Last night, we did the usual…..crockpot din din. Trick/Treated in neighborhood and headed over to our church for a party! 

Zakiyah eating a tootsie roll. 

We love our neighbors- This is our next door neighbor- Steve :)

 The best fam photo we could get. I will take it.

 Kiyah loved the balls.

Starting to crash.

Zander and Kiyah loving each other.

Noelle our nanny who loves the girls.

Zi made a bracelet.

 It was a great night for the kids. Til next year…….

Happy November Y'all! 

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