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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Happy Lock Love Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I share a hair related post with y'all! Being a hairstylist + a mom, I found myself getting in a hair rut. It is so easy to lose inspiration with your daily styling routine! LLW helps me keep my "head in the game"! This week I am sharing with you some Before + Afters! Who doesn't like to see some transformations? I would love to have you join me below by linking up and showing off your hair! Otherwise, follow me on Instagram @talahairlife #locklovewednesday and #locklovewed

I ran into my sister at Trader Joes- we both were rocking the same hair. Out of control. Needless to say, we had a good laugh….

My girlfriend's daughter, Trinity! We chopped off her hair for winter! She was having a "meltdown" because she wanted to see my daughter :) Too cute.


Lydia loves being blonde! I did a heavy blonde weave for her to brighten up her roots!

 A fresh ombre….. I darkened up Alisha's hair and free hand lightened her tips!


 Jeremy wanted to get a easier style for the winter months, while maintaining the pony option. He is looking groomed again ;)


Ashley looks awesome in golds. I colored her regrowth with a rich golden brown and did a creative foil technique, putting in caramel tones to add dimension. I cleaned up her cut too! She rocks this cut!

 I love how much of a difference a good cut makes. I went through and gave my client a blunt/choppy cut! She is looking sooooo stylish! :)


Melanie wanted something totally different for winter. I added in lots of dimension by giving the base a rich brown while lightening strands with two different lighter tones! It looks so pretty on her.


Yah for Thea! This cut is perfect for fine hair. It makes your hair fresh and full!

Katie hasn't been brunette in a couple years, so it was really fun to give her a all over tint! She looks stunning. 

Join me below and show off your hair! 

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