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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Every Wednesday, I post pix from the week in the studio or show off my hair locks with you! This is a great way to motivate yourself to get out of your hair rut and style that hair! Join me below and show off your locks! I am having fun showing you my Before + Afters from the studio this week! 

Maggie had not colored her hair in months! I applied a rich brown to her base and distributed it through her ends. I painted in lighter caramels to give it a soft ombre! I curled her hair with a wand. She looks lovely!

This is my girl, Sylvie! She is a loyal FOILER- is that a word? She always gets foils and I talked her into painting the base and lifting it a champagne blonde. I LOVE IT! SHe looks bright and beautiful! I added in mocha low lights  as well. I curled her hair with a flat iron to funk it up a bit!

 I got to rock out a fun asymmetrical cut on my buddy- Brittney! She is going to rock smooth and sleek on one side and curl and texture on the other side! I dirtied up her hair with taffy and dry shampoo! She is gorgeous! It is perfect for 2013- Go Brit!

I got to give my friend- Taylor, bangs last night! Zooey Deschanel was our inspiration for her fringe. The key was keeping them just below her eyebrows and texturizing them a bit to rock out the new look. Often time, I see too small of sections for fringe and Taylor was game to pull off the perfect new look! She looks gorgeous as always!

This is one of my beauties from the Gate Youth Group. I got to be the Hairstylist of Honor, and color her hair for the first time! I ombred it! I put in two different colors and painted in the caramel and high lift blonde on her mid shaft and ends! She looks soooooooo cute and confident! Love ya Hayley!

 Please join me below and link up and show off your hot hair! Teach us a technique! HOLLER! Follow me on INSTAGRAM too. #locklovewed and #locklovewednesday


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