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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zakiyah is 6 months!

As I mentioned in my H54F yesterday, we had a photo shoot this past week at our friends amazing studio here in Rochester! I have always loved having fun shoots with Andy! It has been such a blast doing it with our girls! I just love how special pictures are as keepsakes. We have decided to do newborn/ 6 month/ and 1 year shoots for our kids. It is perfect for showing the changes! Shawn and Michelle have captured all of our important events so far: engagement, wedding, couple sessions, maternity and now our children. Our house is filled with FS pix! 

Zakiyah Nova at 6 months! I had Zion wore this tutu, headband and pearls for her 6 months. I made the tutu and headband! She looks so beautiful. 

(Zion at 6 months. FS shoot. )

Don't my girls look alike? So presh!

A family shot! I just realized that we are all wearing Gap head to toe. I guess it is my favorite store for my family :) I wanted a lot of color in our clothes to show our personalities. It was fun to pair the clothing together.

Who doesn't love a good feet shot? Especially, chubby baby legs. :) 

my shoes-from TJ Maxx. Andy- Cole Haan, Zion- Uggs, and Kiyah- BabiesRUs
I am excited to frame these bad boys in our Home! Thanks Shawn and Shel for taking such beautiful pictures of our family. 

So with it being Zakiyah Nova's 6 month, I thought it would be fun showing a few of my favorite snap shots of her over the past half year! 

Zakiyah- You truly are a blessing to your mommy and daddy. We love you so much. You are such a joyful little girl! It has been so awesome watching your sister, Zion be a big sister with you. It is amazing how when you have children there are parts in your heart that open up that you didn't even know existed. When I was pregnant with you, it was different than with Zion. I knew what being a mom meant. I anticipated this season differently. Newborn-hood is exhausting, rewarding, sacred, and goes too fast. You have been so laid back since day one. You love cuddles. You light up when your sister comes in the room. We call you Ki-Ki, Kiyah, Sister, Sister Pie, Baby girl, Za-Za, and Nova. You just started waving yesterday when we were watching your daddy and sister sled! You have two bottom teeth. You sleep 11 hours through the night. We still swaddle you every naptime/bedtime! "Your nose drains like a sieve", as daddy says. You love the water! You have a terrible gag reflex. Which means you are not eating any soft foods yet! You love baby oatmeal and green baby food. You love sucking on wet wash cloths and chew toys. You are really close to rolling over. You have a tight grip! You pinch your fingers on mommy all the time. You have just started liking Baby Einstein. Your favorite things are your lovie, balls, and your exersaucer! We love you so much. It is such a blessing having you as my baby! Happy 6 months Sister Pie!