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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning life.

One of my favorite part of our home is how the sun shines in the mornings. Our living room just glows. Yesterday morning, the girls and I were doing our normal routine. coffee. play. exersaucer time. checkin email. driving in the purple van. playing beauty shop. having a tea party. I grabbed my camera and thought I needed to capture this moment. 

Someday I am going to miss this.
Someday I am going to want to have pandora Hillsong kids radio on.
Someday I am going to miss my daughter wearing a summer dress in the winter.
Someday I am going to miss sitting under a table riding in a pur-po van waving to our neighbors.
Someday I am going to miss the sister cuddles and giggles. 
Someday I am going to miss the clutter of my living space with too many plastic toys.

Kiyah loves this thing. It is the grand central hub for her entertainment. Sister is teething. She cut two teeth around the new year and I am impatiently waiting for round two to hit the Cass casa. I have had about a 5 days of sleepless nights and an abnormal dependent baby girl. 

 If you notice random items on the floor, they are everywhere. Zi is an organizing, pile making, sortin machine.

To think that one month ago, Kiyah just looked at the toys on this thing. Now she is a master! 

Z sister love. 

Kiyah is all cuddles. She is hilarious. Her new thing is giving me hugs all the time. She just crashes into my chest. It is my FAVORITE! She is such a ham. 

She was squawking here! 

Zion always is laying on her and giving her big hugs! saying, "hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi" over and over. Occasionally, she switches it up and says, "kiyah kiyah kiyah kiyah". It is the BEST. Kiyah loves her Zi.

Now, we have arrived to the Tala Hair Studio. Zion is obsessed with beauty shop. She is a natural. My newest employee:) She is laying back in the salon chair here getting her hair washed. I shampooed her hair for her. 

"Mom, wanna pay hair shop. I need a blanket to cover me up. I get Haiwr on it."

"Mom, wash it."

"Mom, gotta do this."

"Mom, buckle this."

Post blow dry! Isn't she a beauty?