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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Process of building my Studio Phase 2

It is so fun to look back on our photos from the building process of the studio. I last posted on the the beginning of the construction here. It is definitely due time to show you more of the details that went into building my hair studio! It has been such a crazy blessing living out my dream over the past year and a half. I still pinch myself daily that has become the "norm" working from home! I last left with you with pictures of the cement being poured outside and the framing going up in the studio/bathroom etc. Here are some pictures after the transom window and door were installed. 

Here a shot of the wall where my product is now. The wall to the right of the fireplace is where my art work is hanging and where my clients process. The fireplace here was installed at a higher height originally, but we had to remove it and lower it eventually. I will share more on that in a later post. I am sooo happy that we went with a transom window here. It not only lets in a lot of light into the space, but I love being able to see my guests coming down the steps! 

The left wall here is a continuation of the gallery wall where my clients process. The right wall is my "station" wall. The hallway goes towards the barn door and bathroom.

I love how the door adds natural light as well. I like the simplicity of the structure. 

Here is the other side of the studio. The stairs are right off my kitchen/dining room upstairs. to the right of this picture is my storage room. The big room is our family room! The barn door separates the spaces from each other.

Family Room wall. 

Here is another angle of the station wall and hallway to the bathroom and family room.

I love my door!

Good ole' installation was the next step after the framing/window/door were put in. 

A couple pictures of our door and window from outside.

After this, we got to put the sheet rock up and continue moving along in the dreaming of making our studio a reality! I will post more later this week on the transformation. Are you working on any jobs or reno's right now? I can't imagine building a home from ground up! It would be so overwhelming.