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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cass LIFE // recap of 2013

Reflecting on 2013, I am thankful.
I am blessed. 
I am overwhelmed with the memories that were made. 
2013. a good year. a crazy year. a year of growth. 

Between doing life as a family of 4, to the Gate Student Ministries events/services/retreats/camp/hosting teens, to working at Tala and loving my clients, traveling to Disney and the Wisconsin Dells, visiting our families, going to lots of weddings and grad. parties, playing outside and using our imaginations, going to Target 100 times a year, laughing, crying, learning, Andy starting grad. school, Teaching Kiyah how to walk, watching Zion learn her letters and write her name…..It has been a fabulous year for the Cass fam.

Here are some highlights…….

The day, Zion hurt her hand on her dresser and walked around like this for the WHOLE day. HILARIOUS.

Started Lock Love Wednesday posts.

Zion's 3rd birthday party with her friends- Strawberry Shortcake themed. 

Zion and Andy share a birthday- so special to our family.

getting Zakiyah Nova dedicated at our church. 

the Ladies Candlelight dinner- our church's biggest event! (my table)


We had a Easter egg hunt with friends- indoors cuz MN is lame sauce.

My girls have the best babysitters! (our youth girls) I love that they get to spend such good QT with these young women! Blessed.

 First Plane ride to DISNEY! 

Disney was a BLAST! to say the least…..

obsessed with baby toes. 

and exhausting….. look how little Kiyah is here….. sigh.

Andy and I attended a marriage conference in the spring. It was awesome! 

2013- running errands everywhere with these ladies! 

Remember  May 2nd? Yup, me too. The day we got dumped with a few feet of snow and my child was in denial. This pix is in my top 3 of the year!!!! 

Zion at her graduation for Rainbows- a preschool program on Wednesday nights. It is a great! "as a rainbow, I am going to be a good helper, pleasing Jesus everyday." LOVE. 

Tribal Warfare was another successful year for us! Andy/Jorden and the team rock out some phenomenal events!!!!! 

Graduation season is crazy!!!!!!!!! We had over 30 parties to attend! This is our fam with cousin Benny! 

Hosted a Bridal shower for my sister, Chelsea! 

My girls, Grandparents LOVE them sooo much.

First twins game----- we decided to wait a few years before going again. Ha.

The 4th of July- at Family Camp! 

Every summer- we hit up Lake Geneva Christian Center for youth camp! Our theme this year was HASHTAG. Andy had the opportunity to be the morning speaker! I was on the REC team again! LGCC is our July home for the most part.

My cuz, Brit went to camp with us!!!! Nanny life. bliss. 

Summers spent OUTSIDE! our neighbors are the best!!!!! 

lots of meals and relaxing on our deck! 

Zi had swimming lessons! She loved it!! She also tried gymnastics and is in ballet! 

I took Zion on a daughter date to my old stomping grounds- Aveda Institute for one of my old youth girl's graduation from Cosmo.

One of my favorite pix of my buddies.

This lil lady turned one on August 20TH. 

Daddy and I made her a dollhouse out of a church organ.

I have such amazing friends! So blessed!!!!!! DDT and I at our favorite flea market! Gold Rush. 

Last Spring, we started a monthly ladies night out event through our church. Every month, we hit a different restaurant and stay out past our bedtime…..laughing…connecting….and having community! I love this tradition! Love my ladies!

We went to the MN State fair with friends! It was 110 degrees or something crazy. 

Zion's first movie at a theater- Monsters University with cousin Ry.

We hit up Andy's hometown for some family time a few times to relax and prep for the youth fall retreat- built a zip line. NBD

picking berries at Grandmas.

My sister, Chelsea's wedding! She and Bird got married in Red Wing at a vineyard. It was perfect in every way. Andy officiated and sang, the girls were flower girls and I was MOH! IT was fabulous! 

Pizza on the farm in Wisconsin with friends.

Ice cream shop time. 

The girls love parades! 

We used our boat more this summer! 

Bonfires in our backyard.

Zion started ballet in September! SO PRESH.

Gate Fall Retreat.

Crazy having littles and seeing the changes in one calendar year. from teething, to crawling, to walking, to eating food, to talking…… personalities developing………bonds being strengthened. Love my girls.

 Fall is the best! Lots of playing outside, eating pumpkin anything, soaking up the season. The girls were a Doctor and bee for the holiday.

I love Christmas! It was a great holiday being with our loved ones.

I know that I am forgetting stuff from the year. But, overall It was a blast.  Love our family time. Love our adventures. Love my dates with my hus. Love doing hair at Tala. Love our church and events that go along with it. Thankful. 

Looking forward to a new year.
Thanks for sharing this space with me and joining along our journey. 

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