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Monday, January 13, 2014

my WORD for 2014

I love the idea of having a word that represents your year- a new years resolution in ONE WORD. So, for 2014, I have been mulling over my word. I have never done this before, but thought it would be fun and challenging for me. I am a dreamer. a list maker. a idea person. I like to start strong and then crash. It is the Sanguine and Choleric in me……..excuses…… But this year, I want to stick with this word.

to STOP.

That is my word. I said it. I painted it. I get to stare at it everyday.

A reminder…….
to get my act together.
to control myself.


My HUS preached last Sunday, on OBEDIENCE. You can listen to it here! It is good!!! The message grabbed my heart. I want to be obedient. I want to prioritize my life according to what I know is right. I want to make an impact on the world around me….especially my husband and children.

When he was preaching, he had some time at the end of service for people to respond and write down what God was telling people. God spoke to me. STOP!

Stop yelling. This one is hard. I am a reactor. I yell. I spaz. I get mad in the moment. Too many days are spent with me apologizing to my kids for my reaction. And Why is is easier to apologize to my kids verses my husband. I am sorry for this. I want to think things through. Walk away and process……before yelling. Like this morning, My one year old tipped over a huge fern and table in my living room….dirt everywhere. broken table. She didn't know…….I chose not to yell…….baby steps.

Stop making excuses for my personality/life/schedule.

Just do it. Make it happen.

Read the word. Pray more. Be the woman I am created to be.

…This one is hard…..Stop spending…..GULP. Stop being materialistic. {P.S. I want to barf just writing this.} Stop obsessing over things that don't matter. This is hard for me on so many levels. I love to decorate, rearrange, shop, dream, make lists of things I want. I love creating….and using my talents. But, there is a balance that needs to happen in my life. My family has goals……financially. I need to be obedient and follow God and my husband's lead. Here we go. Say a prayer…...

and lastly, Stop! Just stop. Breathe. Take in the moments and reflect. Be thankful.

We had a little painting party this morning to craft it up.

I used watercolor paper by Kids Made Modern (target) and Zion's, Melissa & Doug watercolor paints. I hung the art on the clip board above my computer in my living room.

Do you have a word? How do you want your 2014 to look? What would your word be? I would love to hear….. we are in this together! 


  1. I love this! all of it. def feeling like my word for the year is SLOW. kind of falls right along w what yours is. slow to speak, slow to commit, slow to react, slow to spend, slow to take in the little things. love you, friend! ��

    1. That is a great WORD Misty! I love it. I agree with everything you wrote. Love you too!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. My word is TRUST. We are making some big changes as a family and it is harder to trust than it is to fall into fear, doubt and anxiousness. Taking baby steps in this leap of faith to TRUST in every way possible knowing and believing he is there. Thanks for sharing. You are brave by just taking on the challenge of change. And with every challenges comes reward. Be blessed!

    1. Beautiful, Briana. Trust is a tough one. easier said than done. I love it though. Loved hearing your thoughts!!!