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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Gallery Wall

Today I thought it would be fun to show the details on my newly updated wall in my living room! It has been a working progress. Ever since I put our computer in our living room, I have been wanting to personalize this space. With it being our "office area", I wanted it to be fun, inspiring, creative without being too busy or distracting. I love color and fun punches of personal favs. So here is our new gallery wall! 

The top left oval painting is Zakiyah. My friend, Kelly made it for her! I love it! I am so happy with how this space turned out. 

 Here is a good picture of the wall! As I mentioned here, my clock is from Target!

My desk is from IKEA. I would like a bigger one someday. It is not urgent, just a little small for our stuff. The amazing blue chair is TJ MAXX!

I got these Umbra polaroid pictures from my friend Shel a few years back. I love how you can just slip in pixs in the frames. They measure 3.5" by 3.5". The top two are me when I was little. The middle left is Andy and I when we started dating. It was taken at the north shore (MN) in 2002! The middle right is Andy as a little boy.....hilarious. The bottom is Andy snakeboarding back in his glory days. ;)

 This is sketch I did on a plane ride 5+ years ago, when we were coming home from Mexico. We had taken the youth to a orphanage to work for a week or so. I love it. It is my life now! I am so blessed. I love how it says, "dancing in the kitchen with my Nova". Which is Andy's nickname, and now our daughter, Zakiyah's middle name. 

I also love using clip boards to hang art. Easy to change up. Fun and casual. 

This is Andy with his dad and bro. Love. I think our girls look a lot like him!

Here is Zakiyah at one week old. So precious. Photo taken by Michelle Fagan

My sister, Chelsea just gave this picture to Zakiyah for her baby dedication! I love how the commandments are perfect for little ones. The colors and background are so happy too! 

I got this sketch on Etsy a couple of years ago for Andy' birthday. I thought it would be fun to give him random art over the years. We don't own a mini van, however, we have discussed how we approve of the Volkswagen Van. It definitely tops the Coolness factor for car-life. So, I gave this to Andy, stating this is the only van we will ever own. 

I just finished this hoop art this past weekend. I found the quote on Pinterest! It says, "Everything you say to your child is absorbed, catalogued and remembered." Amen. Good reminder for me to keep it together! I used embroidery floss, fabric, and felt. I stretched duct cloth on the hoop.  It was super easy, cheap, and inspirational for me as a mother! 

I gave this art to Andy this past Valentines day/birthday. I got the PDF of the "I love everything about you" on here. I water colored it then mod podged it on some duct cloth. I painted the duct cloth first then mod podged on the paper. I painted on the flowers/ arrows/ hearts after the mod podge dried. I used some sharpie marker to define the flowers and arrows. I used this walnut circle frame from my Grandma Cherie. I think it turned out great. 

My cousin, Brit sent us this fabulous Cass Street picture. She goes to college at University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse and stumbled upon this sign in her town! She surprised me with real mail and printed this for me! I love it and I love her! She rocks!

This is a pix of my girls! Kiyah was a couple weeks old here and Zi was 2.5 yo. Precious ladies.

Our friends gave us this "love will save the day" sign for a gift when they got married. It is perfect! 

Zion Leilani at 1 yo. Photo taken by Fagan's. Her eyes sparkle in this picture. Stunning.

My BIL and SIL took this picture at a local apple orchard. I love how happy Z is here. She was 1.5 yo. 

I am working on making my desk more happy. I brought down this tray from our bathroom. It is West Elm, candle is Aveda, faux greens are Pier One, and Cass Fresh glass is a beer in Korea. We have some glasses from our friends. The owl paper is Target. 

Do you have any gallery walls you are working on? I seriously have 8 in our house! Never too many! Have a great day! 


  1. not that you should or have time, but I would love it if you had an etsy shop w personalized art that you've made!! my walls are blank and I need some christy art to fill em!!! just think about it!!! haha

    1. i have considered it Misty! Thanks for the compliment! I have canvases for sale right now. I will post them in the next week on the blog for you! i like to move them out after a year or two typically. loves.