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Showing posts with label gifts. Show all posts

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I know that it is Lock Love Wednesday, but I thought I would switch it up today and share with you another gift guide! I created a Gift Guide for that man in your life! 

1. This is my husband's favorite briefcase! It is modern/simple and has the hard case to protect your gear! 
2. comfy clothes are a must for guys too! Pick something in their favorite team! 
3. A manly journal….. need I say more. 
4. Double walled tumblers are the best for coffee/tea. They keep the your bevy a lot longer than most! For those hot summer days, it keeps your drink cool too! 
5. This magazine is fresh and resourceful. The essays and photography are different than all the other magazines out there. I am a big fan of magazine subscriptions! 
6. the endless possibilities for dates and/or initials you can put on this. love. 
7. IPad minis are a computer/kindle/ipod/game all in one! Brilliant. 
8. Musical instruments are fun for gifts. Harmonicas. Guitars. Drum boxes. or Ukulele!
9. I love handmade art and especially if it has meaning. State art would be fun to give. Whether, it is vacation you went on, or where you are from, or went to college…… It is a nice and playful.
10. For the Techy in your life- Get them this dock! My Hus is the king of putting his glasses, keys, wallet and phone on the counter, this would be perfect to solve the clutter situation.
11. Living in Minnesota, Snowboard hats are a must! 

Do you have any fun ideas for that man in your life? I would love to hear some of them. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Guide for Toddlers!

I have been having so much fun putting together these gift guides for you! If you missed my other guides, they are here and here! I thought I would share with you a toddler (girl) list with you today! I had my 3.75 year old in mind while creating this guide! 

1. Puzzles are the best! It has been fun graduating from board/wood puzzles and having fun with more detailed ones! I love the Djeco puzzles for the design and quality!
2. I love how cuddly pillow pets are.
3. Adorable- make your own- family set by seedling
4. This campfire/s'more set is perfect the toddler that loves the outdoors!
5. The endless possibilities with this set of ABC's are perfect for that child in your life!
6. Kids Made Modern crafts/art supplies are my favorite! Target has nailed it again!
7. I love jammies! Two piece sets are great for potty trained children!
8. Wooden strollers "Prams" are just too cute for words! I love how cute they are!!! I may have gotten Zion one for Christmas!!
9. I can't handle how precious these knit dolls are!
10. Dollhouse furniture is so much fun for the littles!

Do you have any favs for that toddler in your life? I am always looking for new ideas! Please share in the comments :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

GIFT GUIDE for your 1 year old!

I put together a great guide for that one year in your life! My daughter, Zakiyah is 15 months old and I had her in my mind when I created this list! 

1. Oh my word, I love this series of board books! The simplicity and modern art is amazing! I would love this Christmas book for my Kiyah Nova!
2. One of my clients from Germany, got me a puppet from Trullala,  and my girls love playing with it! You can't go wrong with puppets for kids!
3. My friend, Misty, got me on to this amazing invention! Silcone labels for that bottle/sippy cup! Dishwasher safe! They are worth every penny!
4. I love the Baby Stella dolls. I got one for Zion when I was having her sister! I would love to get one for Zakiyah! They are made really well and super cute too!
5. My favorite headbands are the vintage inspired/turban ones! I love this Etsy shop!
6. I love rocking horses for kids! Endless hours of fun! This site has great ones!
7. My girls live in leggings! I can't get over the quality of organic leggings out there. I love this shop!!!!
8. I can imagine my daughter filling this cart up with everything under the sun! I love Melissa & Doug toys!
9.  I am a huge sucker for all the cute wooden toys out there! I love The Land of Nod and Oompa as a site to shop for these goodies.

Do you have any favorites for that baby? Please share!!!! I love new ideas and resources!!!!

Check back tomorrow for another Gift Guide!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Handmade Christmas Gifts!

I made this lovely canvas the other day, and I am quite pleased with how it turned out! I love making homemade/handmade gifts for the holidays. This art piece only took me a 1/2 hour! The possibilities are endless for ideas when using gold glitter!

Materials needed:
Embroidery Hoop
Duct cloth or fabric
mod podge or glue
stencils (for numbers)

I started with stretching the canvas on the hoop. I chose 3 sets of numbers: 05 (wedding anniversary), (10) year of Zion's birth, and (12) year of Zakiyah's birth! I used my stencils that I got at Michaels and put mod podge down with a paint brush. I sprinkled the glitter on and shook the canvas on a magazine to remove the access. Then let the project dry over night! 

I hung this up on our gallery wall on the stairs! I like adding art to the wall to switch it up a bit! 

What do you think?