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Friday, April 12, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! For my non-Minnesota friends......it is currently snowing here and is under 30 degrees. I am so depressed. I really want SPRING! I know that all of us are complaining but it is time. Moving on.....

We had a great week here. Last weekend, I had a girls day with my mom and two sisters in Minneapolis. We hit up Anthropologie, West Elm and Mall of America. It was fun! We were bridesmaid dress shopping for my Sis, Chelsea! Let me tell you. it is hard to find a dress. I had fun being child free that day. Minus having to find random places to pump, like storage rooms in restaurants or a ladies lounge where there is 4 teenage girls looking over at me. I felt glorious. Ha. DEDICATION. I made sure to text my hus pix of my environments while he was back home with the lil ladies. 

I love ANTHRO knobs. The possibilities.....

Girls days require two things:  Coffee drive thru and Bubble Tea. YUM!

I gave an awesome bridal shower yesterday at my church for our friend Brianna. She is marrying my husband's assistant youth pastor, Jorden. We had a tea party theme. Scones. Tea Sandwiches. Fruit. Devonshire cream. cupcakes. Iced coffee and of course Tea! It was so cute. I will post pictures tomorrow! We used vintage linens. spray roses, tea pots, cake stands and seeds for decor!

I have been wanting Euro Pillow shams for a while now. Having memory form pillows are the not the best for sitting up in the bed. I scored these at West Elm for $9.99. PRAISE. I love how they are more southwestern/african. They fit right in. Do you like? 

Here are some favs from the girls this week. It is so fun having Kiyah sit up when we grocery shop. I love how she looks at her sister. 

Princess time all the time. She was asking me what kind of a princess I wanted to be. Zion lives on the stairs. She climbs up and down all day. She sits. Lays down. reads. plays. puts dollies on there. She is so funny. 

Happy Winter. Barf. ;) Hope to have some sunshine soon. 


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  1. I'm in MN too - barf is right! My son actually asked if we could move somewhere south last night. But then quickly gave up that idea thinking about giving up family, friends, and school he loves :)
    Your girls are too precious. I love how little sisters look up to big sisters! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. where in MN are you? I am soooooo ready for warm weather! Happy Friday!

  2. snow???? that's RIDIC. love the shams, love west elm. just reminded me I have a gift card that needs to be used. like yesterday!

    1. west elm gets me in trouble. my FAV> miss you misty

  3. Such cute girls! I'm with you on the Anthro knobs... and I hope spring comes soon for y'all!

    1. Thanks Amy for stopping by. I know, I want all of the knobs. They are the best!!!!