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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to hang a mounted picture TUTORIAL!

I have been staring at this gorgeous picture from our wedding (2005) for far too long. It was mounted on backing when printed from Fagan Studios. I love this picture. It was taken right before our ceremony when we were gathered with our wedding party and family. We did a quick prayer before the festivities started. I have been meaning to get it professionally framed for almost 8 years. Opps. So, I opted for this fun/casual/cheap solution instead! 

Materials needed:

mod podge 
construction paper/card stock
super glue

You want to figure out the measurements for your ribbon to be glued. Mark it with a pencil.

Cut the ribbon to desired length and super glue it to the back.

Mod podge the paper on the back. I used the MP on both the paper and back of the picture. Let dry. and repeat with another layer of MP.

I let it dry for a couple of hours for good measure. I chose to hang it in my bedroom! I love it! The contrast of the yellow ribbon with the black/white photo is perfect-o! 

If you have pictures that you want to mount....check out Pinterest for ideas. You can decoupage them onto insulation board or a canvas. Super easy. 

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