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Monday, April 15, 2013

scenes around the Cass Casa

I feel so redundant with my attitude of this weather. 
I am trying really hard to stay positive and count my blessings. 
I thought I would share with you some of my favorites around our house currently.
Spring is in our home. 
Just waiting "patiently" for it to arrive outside :)
I have been adding happy colors everywhere. 
I love April!

My 3 yo giving attitude. She is a hilarious one.

I love green on my girls! Love this jacket on Zakiyah, it is Zion's hand-me-down. 

Finding inspiration in my decorating books! Love looking through them from time to time. I also love my vintage runner underneath them. It makes me smile.

I picked up these purple flowers at Trader Joes. Do you know what they are called? Any care instructions for me? I put them in a pot from Anthropologie. I heart it.

I love my paper flowers from West Elm. So delicate and happy. I have 3 total.

I painted my mirror this past weekend cream and sanded it down. I used a gold sharpie on the stitching. 

My spring mantel! LOVE! 

Bunting- made with Fabric Shoppe fabric
Feather- Target
clear vases-random.
Paper flowers- West Elm
blue birdies- TJ Maxx
aqua/red vase- Anthro
bird cake stand- Macys
pot- Anthro
Mirror- Target
Yellow art- me

Everyday Zion gets her dolls dressed. very important. love the routines.

My baby is almost 8 months. She has been wearing her teething necklace for 5 days. and has slept 4 nights in a row- 11 hours. Is it a hoax? a gimmick? I am willing to try anything. She loves her rice cake num nums right now! 

We take off for Disney in a week! We made a count down and taped it on the wall with washi tape of course. It is sneaking up on us fast! I can not wait to see Zion's excitement when we get there. 

Eating cuties like no body's business.

I love bowls/trays to hold items in my home. I have them everywhere. They make me happy.

My spring nails make this mama happy. I am lovin' these colors this spring. 

What are you doing to fight the cold front? Do have any favs this spring? Happy Monday!

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1 comment:

  1. spring is coming... slowly, but surely. we got married 4/21 and there was a blizzard 2 wks before our wedding, so I guess this is kind of normal. ugh. sad for you!!!