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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

mamahood ramblings

mamahood is a gift.....
it is so intense.
it stretches.
it shapes.
it is revealing of character. true character.
it overflows into everything.
it is real.
it is raw.
it is a gift.
it is challenging.
it is emotional.
it is all over the place.
it is my priority.
it is spiritual.
it is my calling.
it is my purpose.

mamahood is a gift......

do i live each day reflecting these words.
do i live this out.
do i thank God for my daily situations.
do i smile or find J+O+Y in chaos.
do i shine in stress.
do i raise my voice or whisper.
do i give me daughters the security they need from their mama.
do i show love to their daddy enough.

mamahood is a gift........

today i am thankful.
today i choose JOY
today i am going to choose my words.
today i am going to play with play dough.
today i am going to drive in a van under the table. go the castle in my daughter's room.
today i am going to cuddle extra long with my baby.
today i am going to smile when my daughter says she wants a "snack" for the 10th time.
today i am going to dance to "our family song" {Lumineers- Ho Hey}

today i choose LOVE. Joy. patience. peace. righteousness. faithfulness. kindness. self control. gentleness.

today God wins.

mamahood is a gift.....

(photo taken by Isiah Lecea)

today i will love. 
today i will laugh. 
today i will conquer.
today i will shine.
today i will strive for balance.
today i will be honest with myself.
today i will find peace.
today i will be in the moment.

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  1. "Today God wins." My favorite part. beautiful Christy!