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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zion's Quilt

I am so excited for Zion's new quilt for her big girl bed! My mom, BJ, has been working on this for a few months now! We are stoked. My mom has been quilting since I was a girl, but has gotten very passionate about it in the last 5 plus years with being a "empty nester" and having time to enjoy her hobbies. She made Zion a baby quilt when I was expecting her. It is adorable.....a caterpillar which is so cute and fun.

This is me with the quilt when I was preg with Zion. But now, my mom got to have a bigger task of making a full size quilt for Z. I picked out the pattern a while back for her to go off of. I have been a fan of Chevron ( like everyone else ) and wanted something with that implemented. I love how it is a little bit traditional yet fun at the same time. Zig-Zag seemed very appropriate for a girls room too:)

I just googled Chevron quilts til i found a fav for my mom to use. This is the pattern I loved! Next up, was picking out the fabric for it. My BFF Jody sells designer fabric on Etsy and I was so thrilled when I found this line she was selling. It is Joel Dewberry- Heirloom.

I love color! I think the vintage floral with the graphics are so fun for a girls room! I m so excited for Zion to have this for years to come. We picked 8 of the patterns out for the quilt....

So then it began....the quilting process for my mom:) Today, my husband Andy and I got to see the quilt and I m in LOVE with it. Zion actually showed us it. She is just as excited as I am. It is so fun to see how my little 2 year old comprehends everything these days.  My mom had it laying on the bed in their guest bedroom for us to see it. It still needs the backing and trimmings etc. but the hours have definitely been put in. My mom was even up til like 1am last night sewing it for it to be ready for viewing. So here it is:

Isn't it awesome? The pix from my iPhone don't do it justice. here is a detailed shot of the work:

I can't wait to put it in Zion's new room! I will make sure to update all of you on more pix of it with better lighting once it is done. I must do some room progress pix too! We are currently getting ready to put Zion in the "guest bedroom". So Baby sister can go in the current nursery. Zion will be getting a bunk bed and we will definitely be decorating and making it fun. Her sister will share rooms with her in a couple years. :) but right now we are focusing on getting her transitioned well before baby arrives in August. So the quilt will be a bit big, but I want it to be perfect for when Z has a full size bed down the road! I m so excited. I will keep ya updated with room reveals and such :) 
have a great weekend! off to a wedding reception.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


sometimes i can't get over how fast the days go....especially since i have had Zion. It is the weirdest concept of remembering life without her and how much my life has changed in 2 years, and a few days shy of 2 months. crazy town! the days tend to flow together so beautifully. i feel so blessed having this child that calls me "mom" or "momma". 
this pix below was taken a year ago. i love it. i just stumbled upon it tonight. it makes my heart smile! why? well, for many reasons....
It reminds me of my favorite time: mornings. now, pre-mom Christy hated mornings... i still am not a big fan of lots of talk but I cherish the mornings now.  it is funny how early Andy and I get up, willingly, now that we are parents. or is it because we are in the 30's ? :)
But honestly, mornings are beautiful. I get to be Zi every morning. She is so funny how she will yell for me in the morning from her crib. she is just like me sometimes, impatient. She will yell, " mom" over and over til i come. and lately she has a story for me. the topics are usually about her dirty diaper, or the book she is "reading" or about her babies! She is so cuddly to, which i m a fan of. we always head downstairs to either cuddle on the couch with her "lovie and num-num" or have some "ce" cereal and "milk". depending on the morning. Z loves to watch word world and elmo on the iPad for bfast. and as for me, i brew my one and only coffee of the day (thanks to prego-hood) but i adore.
I love how the sun shines in our house in the mornings...getting me ready for the day. i love how zion is extra affectionate with me in the mornings. i love how she looks at me and smiles, while saying "hi mommy". i love how she will have 3 bowls of cereal before she is full. i love how we have our vitamins together. i love how it is the "slow" part of my day.  i love how usually babies have to sit with her as do i. " sit mommy sit" or "eat mommy eat". i love how its our time. our routine. our alone time. especially with me doing hair, i work nights during the wk so i cherish my 8 ams with my Zion Leilani.
i m blessed.
this pix above, is Z lying upstairs in her jammies :)
cuddles with lovie, num num and her mama!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Product Fav.

I m a huge fan of Dry Shampoo. It is a must for every woman to save their time, revive their style, allow your hair to have volume on days you don't wash. It also freshens the "day old" smell away! :) I have tried many that I enjoy. 
Usually My staples in the past have been Psst Dry Shampoo. It is sold at Walgreens and is around $8 or so. 
But I always have gone back to TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo. It is very potent in smell and works great for lift at the roots. I have been selling at Tala, but now I m addicted to a new love :)
When I worked at a previous salon, we used a organic line called "Eufora" and I enjoyed using their products but they never had a dry shampoo. But now they do! Praise God:)

  1. This dry shampoo is rich in Vitamins A, B6, C, D, E and K, which improve moisture retention and elasticity to prevent dry, brittle hair. It is natural, organic and smells amazing. All of which are very important for me and my clients. 
    And the huge kicker is that you can get it tinted in LIGHT and DARK. So for my clients that have regrowth, it masks that so you can prolong your color! I have been on the look out for this since I worked at R!ah. Because we used Bumble&Bumble and they had that option. But now  I can offer it too! 
    For blondes like myself, stick with Clear. I m carrying all three at Tala. 
    The clear shampoo is $26, and the tinted ones are $34. They should last 6 months or so. I wash my hair every 3 days, so I use mine on day 2 and 3. BIG FAN....have a great day.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zion art

I m so excited about my newest art in our home, that my girlfriend, Kelly made for me! It is stunning.  It is a painting of ZION.....mod podge, vintage flowers, vintage sheet music and all......i m in LOVE!

It totally looks like Zi! Kelly put Zion on a stage, since she is Miss Personality and all. She used fall tones, MY FAV! I m also loving the polka dot hair to go along with this mama being a hair stylist!

 I chose to hang it in my favorite corner in my living room! It is bright and cheerful. My dresser is from when I was a baby. My table runner is vintage from my Grandma Cherie, and I adore it. This space makes me smile! Thanks Kel for the lovely piece!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

zion is a product of her mama

It is amazing to me how much my daughter loves getting her hair cut/ feathers put in...you name it. its her favorite :) the "cheese" smile is always a fav of mine. she is so proud. this is the most we have cut off...about 3 inches....transforming the mullet to a bob. she is a cute one!

Monday, December 5, 2011

heart patches on my elbows! LOVE

last night, after finding this awesome tutorial on a beautiful mess. i was inspired! it was so easy....a little putsy with the hand stiching but worth it.  isn't it cute? i love it! i even wore it today!!! love....for those of you that are interested...the fabric is from Amy Butler's new line lark, which i m obsessed with. my BFF just so happens to sell it on etsy :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

loving art projects with zion!

i was inspired by Pinterest just like everyone else out there. my friend Brie and I did a craft a roo with my daughter tonight. it was a blast. only took a couple min. and she loved it! my goal is to use "hands or feet" every year over the holidays and create a new piece of art........what great mems. xoxo