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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Seriously, MN is getting dumped with snow. It is crazytown. I swear we have over 12" right now. Yesterday, before my hus went to work he made a fort for our daughter Zion to play in. She was outside with our neighbors and I ran outside for about 5 minutes to take a pix. That was enough for me! Note:  Summer toys in the pix! Good grief. Zion was insistent on all of them.

Zion with Collin and Caroline! and water bucket and blow up innertube. well, right.

below is my favorite smile Zion has right now!!!!!

Fortin' it! Yes it is safe. Yes, the dad's checked it....with water bucket.

Are you embracing this brisk season? I am from a window- by a fire- with a coffee- and my red robe!

Thankful for a husband that is cooler than me.


  1. these pix need to be framed - her snow suit is amazingly adorbs.

  2. lol this is chelsea - apparently bird is signed in :) whoopsies