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Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a day!

Do you ever have those days that go so fast that you look at the clock and it has been 8 hours in a "feels like" 1 hour time period? Today was that day for us. It was unplanned. Carefree. and perfect! Last night , we had a Gate Lock In (youth group) at church until 6am. I only stayed until 11:30pm, while Andy roughed it until 6:30am this morning. So when the girls got up, I hit up Target with them and just hung out while Andy slept. When the husband got up, I  made scrambled eggs and chocolate croissants from Trader Joes (go buy them! freezer section. amaze-) After chowing down some food, our friends, the Rowans texted us and came over for sledding/lunch....but it turned out to be an all day thing. Which was so much needed for all of us. Our neighbors hung too! We had a sledding party, (the dads handled that) while Jody and I hung with our babies! Then 8 kids piled inside with red faces and runny noses and spent time playing, "swimming", tea parties, chasing each other, warming up by the fire, and having a blast. The kids needed it as much as us adults. We had a couple rounds of roasting coffee at our neighbor Mike's and Luke's amazing Moka Coffee. I made some yummy Cafe Miel's and Americanos. Oh my word, too much coffee! We had a casual supper with 7 littles around the counter for Chef Andy to serve chicken nuggets, fries, apples and black beans! Bliss. No agenda. No organizing. No running errands. It was a great day. Thankful for our friends. Thankful for snow (for my husband's sake and Zion) :) Here are some pix for you! 

My precious Zakiyah having tummy time this morning!

My amazing croissants. Heaven!

Zi and Lila!

Sydney gettin air

Mike giving it a try

Luke rockin it out

Collin getting lots of air.

The kiddos playing on the playground!

Beautiful Sydney!

Luke being backup support :)

The hill.

Luke and Sydney

Sophia and her daddy

Wouldn't be right if the dad's didn't give it a try.

Caroline trying to hitch a ride. She is over this....ha.

Love her hat!!!

Sean and Mike keepin' it real.

Braum getting air!

Zion is living the life! (for those of you that followed my Instagram today, note her hand is ok here) :)


Daddy time.


Zion. Sophia. and Lila cuddling when they came in by the fire.

What a day. I am tired. Have you taken advantage of the weather lately? Do you have a favorite winter activity? Hope you had a great Saturday! Can I just say, I loved it being light out til 7! 

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