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Monday, December 16, 2013

Stocking Stuffers GIFT GUIDES

I love a good stocking Stuffer!Sometimes, it can be overwhelming picking items to put in that stocking of yours; so I created some guides for you:  For HER, For HIM, and for KIDS! Enjoy!!!!!

1.We love these gingerbread recycled crayons! They have a great variety of shapes to pick from! Ninjas, fortune cookies, gems etc.
2. I love the simplicity of the Magic Clip Fairytale Princesses! They are small and fun for little girls to play with. The clothes literally just snap on!
3. I think Crayola twistable colored pencils and crayons are the best invention for kiddos!
4. Last year, my daughters got these from their Aunt Katie and Uncle Mike! I love them!!!!!! Every pair of Toms you buy, they give a pair of shoes to someone in need! They are so stylish and fun for kids to wear.
5. Mix match socks  are brilliant! My kids are always wearing mix matched socks anyways, might as well be intentional! I love the concept for kids and adults!
6. Jelly Cat stuffed animals  are based out of London. They are my fav! I love the quality of the stuffed animal and they make the cutest ones to pick from! We have the lamb and tiger! My daughters love cuddling up with these!
7. nail stickers are a great idea for your little fashionista! Brilliant. No painting necessary!
8. My girls love having bubble baths. I love throwing in practical gifts into stockings! This one is my fav!!!! Natural and great for dry/sensitive skin.
9. flash cards are always a hit with kids! There are soooo many fabulous ones out there! They are great for education purposes and make great art in kids rooms!
10. This circus train is just tooooo cute! I love it!!!!!! Great for playing or displaying on a shelf. I can just picture my kids pulling this around the floors in our home.
11. cars/trains/planes are so fun to collect! I love the design of this one!

1. I have been wanting the naked 3 palette, as soon as I heard about it! I have had the naked 2 palette for 2 years and it is my favorite for eyeshadow! This one has more rose gold tones!!!!! I want!
2. My Hus and I love the quality of Penzey's spices. It is crazy how much of a difference it makes using these verses grocery store ones. An idea for you is to buy a gift set and split it up for stockings! Our favs are Chinese Cinnamon, Northwoods seasoning, Pasta Sprinkle, Garlic Salt, and Sweet Curry.
3. I love fun calendars! Etsy is my go-to for buying these every year. I love supporting artists and having fun "art" in my home throughout the year!
4. Mrs. Meyers Candles  are the best ever! I buy them at Target usually! My favorite scent is "lavender"!  I love the holiday scents too! They are soy based and burn amazing.
5. This Arrow stamp is stinkin' awesome! I love rubber stamps! The ideas are endless. I love arrows right now! Soooo Fun!
6. slipper socks are the best! Are these not the cutest? The button and details on them are dreamy. I would live in them!
7. One line a Day journal  is a great gift for someone that wants to log kid quotes or use it for a gratitude journal. Simple and resourceful.
8. I always love buying the holiday collection by OPI for my hair clients! Nail polish makes a great stocking stuffer for all the ladies! My favorite brands are OPI, Essie, and Zoya!
9. I am a HUGE FAN of essential oils! I have been using them for 10 years now! I am really sensitive to scents and I love that they are pure and natural. It is crazy how many things they are great for! Sickness/Perfume/Stress/Medicine etc. I sell/use DoTERRA essential oils. My favs are Citrus Blend, Elevation and Lavender! They are amazing!!!! You can drop them in your water, put them on directly, diffuse them to have your room smell, use them to heal warts/eczema/deodorize etc. I use them every single day!!!!!

1. How cool is this wooden wallet? I love the clean lines and design of it!
2. Starbucks city mugs are a favorite of our family! They are so fun to collect and are worth quite a bit of money after a few years!
3. This is perfect for the photographer in your life! Let's face it; we all use our phones for our camera more than we want to admit! You might as well have a good lens on there!
4. Good hair products make a huge difference for men! My favorite is the Mitch line by Paul Mitchell. I sell it at Tala! Smells amazing and produces good results.
5. Aveda Shave Set is a great idea for a man that grooms his face on a regular basis. This kit is perfect for him to use, helping his face to stay moisturized and clean!
6. Who doesn't love a fun chocolate bar? These are our fav! Typically, all grocery stores have great options for chocolate at the check out!
7. If you live in a state where there is winter, Scarfs are a must!I like the classy look of this one!
8. Moleskin notebooks are a great notebook for journaling/taking notes/making lists.
9. IPad Stands are a fun idea for anyone. How many times have you tried resting your ipad on a random object hoping it doesn't slide? I love any wood accessory for tech! 
10. wooden sunglasses are too cool for school! I love this company!

Do you have favorite GO-TOs for stockings? What is your favorite stocking stuffer that you have ever received?  Please share below!!!!!! 


  1. Great ideas! Personally...I'm not a scarf guy. Ranks as my third worst gift ever received...only behind a car deer whistle received when I was 14 and a 5 pound bag of peanuts. Chocolate needs to be dark. Dark chocolate espresso beans even better! Dig the wooden glasses and wallet. Love the Paul Mitchel Reformer...thanks for turning me on to it and my wife LOVES the scent of Aveda...can"t go wrong with that. ;)

  2. One word. Stila. I am IN LOVE with there lip color. Its long lasting, all day long perfect color. My two fav colors right now are ruby and fiore! Perfect stocking stuffer for any young lady !

    1. oooohhhhhh…. i haven't tried Stila yet! is it amazing? I must join the club!